Tasks are one of the main building blocks within Saga, alongside pages.

You can quickly create tasks across different pages, assign them to colleagues, and efficiently manage all of them from one place.

Task aggregation helps you manage everything without switching between multiple apps for notes and project management.

Difference between checklists and tasks

Both checklists and tasks can be created inside Saga. We decided to differentiate between them because there is a need for both quick todos and a more robust task management that requires filtering and sorting.

Checklists are suitable for quick todos, while tasks are more comprehensive and allow for additional information and structure, such as assignee, due date, or priority.

Creating a task

To create a task, you have several options:

  • Use the "New" button in the sidebar and select "New Task" from the dropdown.
  • Hover over the "Tasks" button in the sidebar and click on the plus button.
  • Click on the "Tasks" tab in the sidebar, then click on "New Task."
  • Use the autocomplete menu by typing "/" followed by the task title and selecting "Create Task" from the dropdown.
  • Select text or a block and convert it into a task.
  • Hover over an existing task and click on the small + button below to create a new task.
  • While editing the title of an existing task, press Shift + Enter to create a new task below.

Editing Tasks

You can edit a task in the same way as pages are edited in Saga. Open the task to edit its title or content. Add text, lists, images, headings and even other tasks inside.

Assignee, Priority, Due Date

To assign a task to someone in the workspace, simply hover over the task and click on the person icon located to the right of the task.

Setting a priority for tasks is optional but can help in determining their importance. To add or change the priority of a task, hover over it and select the priority icon on the right. You can choose from High, Medium, Low, or leave it as No priority by default.

To stay organized and meet important deadlines, consider adding a due date to tasks. Simply hover over the task and click on the calendar icon to set the due date. Past due dates will be shown in red, while today's due dates will be displayed in green.

Removing and Deleting Tasks

To remove a task that's mentioned in a page or another task, simply use the backspace key to delete it from the content of the page, just like you would remove regular text. This action will remove the task block, but it will not delete the task from your workspace.

To delete a task:

  • Open the task, and from the "more" menu in the top right, click on "Delete".
  • Hover over a task, and from the "more" menu on the right, click on "Delete".
  • Open the Tasks table from the sidebar and click on "Delete Task" from the "more" menu.

Created, Updated, Completed Date

Each task retains its created, last updated, and completed dates. All properties are visible when a task is opened and also in the Tasks manager table.

Tasks Management

To view all tasks across your entire workspace in a single view, simply click on "Tasks" in the sidebar. The tasks table aggregates all tasks across the workspace, providing you with an overview of what needs to be done.

Tasks in the table can be filtered or sorted by assignee, due date, priority, as we well as created, updated, completed date.

View the detailed guide on task management.

Task Templates

Use templates to save time for repetitive tasks. Templates in Saga could be used for both pages and tasks. You can apply a template to a task by clicking on the +Template button below the task title.

View the detailed guide on templates to see how you can create, edit, delete page and task templates.

Task References

Similar to pages, you can open the reference panel and see where a task has been referenced across your workspace. Alternatively, you can see that in the Tasks Tab as a column in the tasks table too!


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