Custom AI Commands & Prompts

You can now save your custom prompts and commands and use them later. This helps you create your personal AI assistant and speed up your work.

What are custom AI commands and prompts?

First, let's clear the difference between commands and prompts.

  • Commands help you rewrite existing content. Select content inside a page or task and click on Saga AI to see the list of commands.
  • Prompts let Saga AI create content from scratch. Hit @ or / anywhere in the Saga editor, click Saga AI to write your prompt.

In both cases, Saga AI has predefined options. Now you have the ability to create your own. You can save these personalized requests and reuse them in just a few clicks. These work across all of your workspaces and are only visible to you.

Creating custom AI prompts and commands from the editor

To create a custom prompt or command, simply type it inside Saga AI and click on the star icon after receiving a reply.

Creating custom AI prompts and commands from settings

Head over to the left sidebar and click Settings in the bottom right corner. Select Saga AI in the left-hand menu. You will now see all predefined commands and prompts.

  • To add a new command, click on Add Command and enter a command name, then describe what you would like Saga AI to do when using this command. For instance: "Rewrite as a 180-character tweet in an educational tone, using simple English and the hashtag #AI."
  • To add a new prompt, scroll down and click on Add Prompt. You will be asked to write a name for your prompts, then describe what it should do. For instance: "Write a product feature page structured in the following paragraphs: introduction, value for users, use case #1, use case #2, use case #3, CTA to try it now."

Using custom AI commands and prompts

You can now use your newly-created prompts and commands in any page within Saga. To access your prompts, enter  @ or / and click Saga AI. They will appear above other predefined prompts.

To use your new commands, select any text and click on Saga AI.

A few more tips

You can edit the order in which your custom commands and prompts appear. Head over to your Settings using the top-left workspace menu, click Saga AI, and move your custom commands and/or prompts up and down the list using the arrows.

You can also hide any predefined commands and prompts. From your Saga AI settings, click on the hide button next to any commands or prompts that you do not use regularly.

Here are additional tips on writing better AI prompts. Hint: The more focused, the better!

Need inspiration?

Join our Discord server to see custom prompts created by the community and share your own.

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