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Screenshot of task management and an opened task inside Saga.

Meeting notes

Make meetings more productive as Saga organizes your meeting notes and tasks on the go.


Get everyone on the same page and bring your PRDs, meeting, and feedback in one place.

UX Research

Automatically connect user research and extract insights in one powerful research database.


Break up your knowledge silos with easy to create, link, and share documentation.

Sales & CRM

Connect your call & meeting notes to clients, companies and people. All while you are writing, automatically.

Creative writing

Let your creativity flow inside an editor that connects all your stories and characters automatically.

Remote work

Simplify communication and share knowledge by automatically connecting your wikis, notes, and docs.


Keep track of marketing content, campaigns, tasks and copy, all easy to find and always searchable.


Keep your lecture notes, research, and assignments organized and connected in a single workspace.

HR & Recruiting

Centralize your hiring processes, resources, training materials in one interconnected Saga space.


Let Saga organize and link your research notes to extract insights in a more natural way.

Tasks & Todos

Your tasks and todos live directly in your notes, all connected to the rest of your knowledge base.

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