Saga for recruiting and HR

Streamline HR and recruiting

Simplify employee onboarding and management by keeping all your relevant documents in one easily accessible place.

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Because HR and Recruitment shouldn’t be about file management.

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Easily share and manage internal documents

Save time and stay on the same page by working off shared internal documents.

Ensure your team directory is always up-to-date

By using the team directory in Saga, your team can get to know each other better and easily keep on top of what’s happening.

Onboard more effectively with a wiki

Create, share, and automatically connect all of your onboarding documents for a faster and more effective process.

Manage recruitment more efficiently

Saga’s organizational and linking tools means all your candidate information are always at hand.

Clear your mind
to create better products.

Saga automates all the dull work that slows you down, empowering you to spend less time linking, organizing, and searching and more time discovering.

Automatic Linking
Saga links your team docs, guides, and interviews  automatically.
Search in the Background
Unexpected Discoveries
Discover connections across your docs and notes you haven’t thought about yet.
Powerful Autocomplete
Work faster and more efficiently with simple shortcuts.
Collections & Sub-Collections
Comprehensive Collections
Combine the organization of folders and the flexibility of tags.
Page Aliases
Give multiple names to documents and internal guides.
Page Properties
Add additional metadata to internal documents and interviews.
Add your tasks and link them directly to your docs and notes.
Publish your work
Instantly search for references across your whole space.
Flexible Editor
Free form blank canvas for your text, images, tasks and embeds.

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