Saga for Human Resources

Centralize your hiring process, resources, and training in an AI-powered knowledge base.

Hire, onboard, and empower your team with Saga.


Augment internal docs with AI

Save time on writing internal docs, from hiring to onboarding processes. Use AI to provide a first draft, rewrite in your company voice, or correct spelling and grammar in one click.

A team directory that stays up-to-date

Say goodbye to the tedious maintenance of team directories. Live blocks will ensure the latest information is automatically updated across all documents.

It’s time to clear your mind and align your team.


Manage recruitment more efficiently

With autolinks, Saga automatically references all the places where a page title is mentioned. Useful for connecting all of your candidate information.

Onboard more effectively

Create, share, and automatically connect all of your onboarding documents for a faster and more effective process.

Start your Saga

Boost your creativity and get more done with AI.