Saga vs Notion

Which tool is best for docs, knowledge bases, and everything in between?

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Compared to Notion,
Saga is...


Saga allows you to search and open docs faster, enabling you to do more of… well everything.


We designed Saga to have a very simple learning curve, so you can onboard team members and even become a power user far more easily.

Better at Connecting Knowledge

Building a knowledge base can be an arduous task, but autolinking, references, live blocks, and intuitive page links automate and simplify much of this work.

More Efficient for Organizing

Instead of forcing you to waste time trying to organize your folders just right, Saga uses collections to combine the best of folders and tags.

Not Trying to Do More than It Should

Instead of forcing you to use an unwieldy all-in-one solution, Saga lets you integrate and use your favorite tools instead of trying to replace them all.

Giving You the Full Picture

By enabling you to view pages side-by-side you can see and do more than before.

Better at Task Management

Instead of forcing you to create a dedicated database, Saga integrates tasks across all your pages for easy management.

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