Saga for meeting notes

Transform your meeting notes into knowledge

Gather your meeting notes, internal docs, & tasks into one organized knowledge hub to get things done faster.

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Take notes, review tasks, set agendas – all in one place.

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Connect meeting notes to your knowledge base

Autolinking ensures your notes are always connected.

Always see the big picture

With relevant information about participants, tasks, clients and more at your fingertips.

Get your teams aligned and on task

By keeping your docs, notes, and tasks in one place and easily shareable.

Find the task or note you need in a flash

Using our powerful search functions and autolinking.

Organize your notes like never before

By keeping your notes, tasks, and documents in multiple collections at the same time.

Clear your mind
to have better meetings.

Saga automates all the dull work that slows you down, empowering you to spend less time linking, organizing, and searching and more time discovering.

Automatic Linking
Saga links your meeting notes, tasks, and participants automatically.
Search in the Background
Unexpected Discoveries
Discover connections between your meetings you haven’t thought about yet.
Powerful Autocomplete
Work faster and more efficiently with simple shortcuts.
Collections & Sub-Collections
Comprehensive Collections
Combine the organization of folders and the flexibility of tags.
Page Aliases
Define parts of your knowledge base with multiple names at the same time.
Page Properties
Add additional metadata to participants and meeting notes.
Add your tasks and link them directly to your research.
Publish your work
Instantly search for references across your whole workspace.
Flexible Editor
Free form blank canvas for your text, images, tasks and embeds.

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