Saga for Meeting Notes

Gather your meeting notes, internal docs, & tasks into one organized knowledge hub. Get things done faster.

Take notes, review tasks, set agendas – all in one place.


Run effective meetings

Stop having unproductive meetings. Saga helps your team prepare agendas, take meeting notes, and delegate tasks collaboratively in real-time.

Link meeting notes to your knowledge

With Saga’s autolinking, your notes are always connected to tasks, docs, participants, and deadlines. You can always see the big picture.

It’s time to clear your mind and have better meetings.


Track tasks and to-dos

Easily add and assign action items to meeting participants. Stay aligned with your team on what needs to be done and who is responsible.

Find notes, tasks, or decisions in a flash

Using the powerful search, you can quickly find what you need.

Get your teams aligned and on task

Foster accountability and collaborate with your team by sharing tasks and meetings notes where everyone can see them.

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