Saga for Knowledge Management

Empower your team to discover, accomplish, and learn more. Automatically connect your wikis, notes, and docs in one place.

Transform information into a knowledge management system.


Get everything in one place

Create and organize your processes, workflows, how-tos, guides, and articles in one interconnected knowledge base.

Unlock new insights

Powerful search, context, and autolinking means you'll find connections you never expected.

Always stay up-to-date

Saga ensures key information is always updated everywhere it's used. No more stale folders and documents that nobody updates.

It’s time to connect the dots to achieve better results.


Find quickly what you need

Waste less time searching, linking, and scrambling for the right context.

Connect and collaborate with your team

Work in the same documents in real-time and ensure critical info stays up to date. Grow your knowledge management system with your team.

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