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We are excited to announce the release of two new features: private pages and page-level sharing permissions. These features will give you precise control over who can edit and view your pages.

Saga is designed for seamless collaboration. By default, your workspace content is shared with all members. However, sometimes certain content needs to be private or only shared with select team members. These new features provide the flexibility to manage your content as needed.

Private Pages


You can set your pages to private by clicking on the Share button in the top right corner and selecting Private access from the dropdown. Only you will be able to open and view the content of your private pages.

Learn more about private pages in this guide.

Page Sharing Permissions


We are releasing sharing permissions for your pages. You can customize the permissions for each workspace user and select between Admin, Editor, Viewer, and No Access.

Learn more about sharing permissions.

How We Designed This

From the very beginning of Saga, our focus has been on the speed and simplicity of the app while connecting all the different parts of your knowledge.

We've completely revamped Saga as part of an 8-month-long project to enhance collaboration and sharing. This is an exciting milestone in our goal to build the knowledge workspace of the future, powered by AI.

In this update we are announcing Saga available in 6 languages, including localization of our website and guides in 🇧🇷 Brazilian 🇵🇹 Portuguese. We've also updated ⚡ Saga AI to use GPT-4o – the fastest and smartest large language model available on the market.

We also quietly upgraded Saga to a new workspace architecture over the last few weeks which brings up to 10x faster loading times. This new architecture will very soon unlock much awaited features such as private pages and sharing pages with guests.

Read below for the full list of improvements and fixes.

🌐 Translations

Software that we use every day should be accessible in the languages that we speak. We're excited to announce that Saga is now available in six languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, and Brazilian Portuguese.

In addition to the app, the onboarding for new users and the prompts that we use in Saga AI are also localized.

How to change your language preferences:

  • Navigate to Settings
  • Scroll down to Language
  • Choose your preferred language from the dropdown menu

Our website and guides are also fully translated in Brazilian Portuguese and available at: https://saga.so/pt-br

⚡ GPT-4o

Saga AI now uses GPT-4o, which is twice as fast and much smarter than the previous model we used. GPT-4o, developed by OpenAI, is generally the best model on the market right now when it comes to reasoning. We've also released a series of improvements – responses from Saga AI should be generally faster and more reliable. Try it out yourself to see the difference.

How to use Saga AI

You can use Saga AI by highlighting any text and then clicking on the ⚡ button or by pressing  Cmd/Ctrl + J on macOS/Windows respectively.

We have a full guide of how to use Saga AI and how to customize it for your needs.

🏯 New architecture

We quietly upgraded Saga to a new architecture over the last few weeks. This marks an exciting new beginning for Saga.

Our goal is to unlock more granular control over sharing and collaboration while keeping the app as fast as it is — and even make it faster.

Expect long-requested features such as private pages, sharing pages with guests, as well as version history to be released soon.

What this change means now is that even large workspaces will load almost instantly. A workspace with thousands of pages should load in less than a second. The pages and tasks tables load also much faster.

📈 Other improvements and fixes


  • New priority filter in the tasks table lets you filter tasks by priority.
  • Dates in tasks now show the year if the date is not the current year.
  • Tasks now have the search icon displayed in the top right corner.
  • Fixed public pages that didn't open if they contained tasks in the page.
  • Fixed the tasks button in the sidebar that was not visible when users are offline.


  • Performance improvement in the pages and tasks tables — much faster loading in large workspaces.
  • Improved pasting of list items from and to Google Docs, Gmail, and other major note-taking and document editing apps.
  • Headings in callouts are styled better and they can vertically be aligned with the emoji icon of the callout block.
  • Better experience on mobile. We now prevent pull to refresh, so that you don't accidentally refresh the app while scrolling. Menus on mobile are also positioned and styled better.
  • Improved search filter in pages, collections, tasks table. Search now returns correct results when special characters are used.
  • Fixed an issue that added special characters at the end of color highlighted text on Windows.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the editor to stop working when deleting lists inside a callout.
  • Fixed scrolling down to a user mention when a mention is clicked on from a notification.
  • Fixed page mentions that wouldn't update when copy pasted from one page to another.
  • Fixed opening pages and tasks side-by-side that didn't work when users are offline.
  • Fixed the autocomplete menu that did not scroll down when using the keyboard arrow keys.
  • Fixed horizontal scrolling that appeared in the editor on mobile.

Saga AI

  • More reliable answers. You should see better responses when using Saga AI.
  • Improved AI response formatting when two or more users collaborate on a page or a task where content from Saga AI is generated.
  • Fixed an issue where AI returns chunks, not the whole output.
  • Fixed an issue when AI stopped generating when there was an "&" in the response.
  • Fixed an issue where autocomplete didn't return results in the Saga AI commands menu.

File and image uploads

  • Fixed the download button in file blocks that didn't download files when clicked.
  • Fixed an issue with opening attached files that did not always open when accessed from different devices.

Import and export

  • Improved markdown import. Now you can upload folders with markdown files. A new message will show which files have been uploaded and if any files were not supported.
  • Fixed an issue where content inside block quotes would not be imported when importing markdown files with quotes.

More than 30,000 of you have used Saga AI to speed up your work since we launched last April. Thanks to your feedback, we've made great improvement over the past months.

Saga AI is now an even more powerful artificial intelligence assistant, directly inside your notes, docs, and tasks — so you have all the context and stop copy/pasting information across apps.

Improved performance

We now use faster and more reliable models. Responses are more relevant, both when editing existing content and generating new one inside your pages.

Create formatted content: Headings, lists, callouts, and more

Saga AI now understands formatting, so you don't have to do it yourself. Explain precisely in your prompt what you expect and Saga will provide you with the finished document that can include headings, lists, callouts, quotes, and even tables.

For example you can generate new content with the following prompts:

  • Give me 5 types of sushi to order in Japan in a list.
  • Explain quantum theory in 3 paragraphs and add a summary heading above each.

... or select existing one and ask the AI to rewrite it:

  • Rewrite this interview into a customer story with headings on: A) challenge, B) solution. Insert quotes.
  • Extract the most important points in a bullet list.

This is a major time saver for the many of you using Saga AI to draft blog articles, emails, product briefs, internal knowledge base, or any other docs.

Create tables with AI

Saga AI can create, fill in, and edit tables, enabling you to 10x your output with higher volume of data. More structured work with user research, extracting insights or data analysis are just a prompt away.

You can use similar prompts inside Saga AI to create and edit tables:

  • Tell me the pain points of Google Docs users in a table, with a description and level of importance.
  • Аdd 3 more benefits and sort the table by the level of importance.

Tip: Once you create a table with AI, select it and run a command to format it, sort it, add more columns or rows.

Save and reuse your prompts

Hit the star button to save your prompts and commands, so that you can reuse them in a click. You can also customize which commands you see in Settings > Saga AI.

Many ways to work faster and smarter! See the full guide on prompting for more advice.

Customize the AI palette

Next to creating your own prompts you can now reorder or hide them and see only the ones relevant to you. Head to Settings > Saga AI to reorder your prompts and AI commands.

AI history

As you ask Saga AI to improve its responses, it's useful to navigate back and forth between different answers. You can navigate between responses in Saga AI and insert the best one you want inside the editor.

Even more features

You can copy the prompt or the response, stop generation with the esc button, and re-run any prompts.

Our goal is to make the AI work for you, so that you obtain exactly what you need in record time.

New shortcut

Ready to try it? Type Cmd + J (on macOS) or Ctrl + J (on Windows) to use Saga AI. This works both when writing inside the editor and when selecting text in order to rewrite it with AI.

PS: Saga AI is free for now and will be part of the standard plan starting with free monthly quota from next month.

We've improved Saga and Saga AI a lot over the last few months for even more delightful experience. Our focus is to make the fastest and simplest app for your notes, docs, and tasks, so you can focus on doing real work.  

Improved tasks

A lot of collaborative work happens in tasks. We've significantly enhanced tasks and the aggregated task manager in Saga.

Now you can set task priority, due date, and view more metadata such as created and completed date. Due dates are colored automatically in red or green if the due date is in the past or today.

A breadcrumb is visible on top of each task for easier navigation. We've also improved the task context menu that allows you to open a task side by side.  

The Tasks table is now more customizable, with filters and sort options that are automatically saved. A new search input also helps you filter tasks by keyword.

More powerful editor

The editor is where you spend the most time, so we've made it a delightful experience. Headings, lists, text, as well as special blocks like callout have much better spacing and margins.

We've added new styling options for highlight and text color.

Nested bulleted lists have improved styling, for better visual hierarchy.

Attaching files

You can now attach files directly into your pages and tasks, with a simple drag and drop or by inserting a file block from the autocomplete menu.

Fresh new look & feel

Saga's minimalistic look is key to help you focus. We've added more space, shadows, and pleasant colors, as well as improved dark theme contrast and colors.

The sidebar is also enhanced with a dropdown to create a new page, task, or collection, in addition to quick links to navigate across the app.

Speed and performance

Speed is one of our main principles. We fixed a few important issues that affected loading time, workspace speed, and stability when working with large workspaces and using Saga AI.

Improvements and fixes

  • Autocomplete menu now autocompletes tasks, quotes, code, and dates.
  • Improved pasting and handling of tables.
  • Loom videos can be embedded inside pages.
  • Much faster loading time when having multiple workspaces or when extensively using Saga AI.
  • New dropdown to create a new page, task, or collection, in addition to quick links to navigate across the app.
  • New undo button in pages and tasks that will undo the last changes in the editor.
  • No frequent reloading after going offline or switching wifi. The message "Connection was lost" is now happily gone!
  • Selecting and deleting a table inside the editor now asks for confirmation before being deleted.
  • The table of contents has increased spacing between headings for improved readibility.
  • The code block now supports plain text.
  • Workspace export now includes images in the export folder.

May 25, 2023

Saga AI Improvements

Last month we launched Saga AI and we've seen incredible activity from 140+ countries — so, wherever you are, thank you!

There are many ways to use AI in your day-to-day work. We'd like to hear from you and make sure we can continue boosting your productivity.

Fill out this short form to send us your feedback and help us build Saga AI!

Saga AI use cases

Wondering how to use Saga AI in your day-to-day? Get some inspiration by discovering the latest use cases we just published for:

Saga AI enhancements

We've worked on improving Saga AI since its launch. You can now:

  • Go back and forth between AI requests when iterating with Saga AI. This is helpful if you preferred one of the former outputs.
  • Manage two separate conversations with Saga AI at the same time, for instance when researching a topic and rewriting a document with your new insights.  
  • Collaborate in real-time on Saga AI, as your teammates will be able to see and edit your AI output.

We've also made 50+ big and small enhancements and on Saga to continue developing the fastest text editor out there and deepen our integration with other tools such as Google Drive.

Don't forget to tell us what you'd like to see next :-)

Psst: We're working on integrating GPT-4 (the best generative AI model on the market right now) to improve the accuracy and creativity of Saga AI. If you'd like to be one of the first testers, mention GPT-4 in the feedback form.

April 12, 2023

Saga AI

We have some exciting news: Saga AI is now available in beta!

With Saga AI, you can easily create new content, brainstorm ideas, translate, check grammar, and rewrite text in just a few clicks. Access the power of ChatGPT directly in your workspace to make your day-to-day work more efficient.

See how it works in this video (1 min):

How Does it Work?

Access Saga AI in two ways:

  • Type @ or /  in the editor and click on Ask AI.
  • Select any text and click on Saga AI for more commands.

What Can You Do with Saga AI?

Here are 4 ways to make your day-to-day more efficient:

1. Get a first draft of your email, blog post, or cover letter.

2. Summarize and extract insights from your text.

3. Translate, change tone, or fix grammar.

4. Ask complex questions and augment your knowledge.

Learn more about use cases, prompting, and FAQs in our guides.

What's Next?

For the upcoming weeks, Saga AI will remain free to use. After that, it will be incorporated into our Standard plan, which offers 2,000 AI generated words for each workspace user.

We're a small team developing Saga. We hope you enjoy Saga AI and if you like it, feel free to spread the word around you or share one of our Tweets or posts on LinkedIn.

We're already working on the next version — tell us what you think and would like to see next by replying to this email or on Discord!

As part of this December release, we've got some early presents for you: collapsible lists, one of the most upvoted feature requests, and an integration with Linear to help product teams track and solve issues directly in Saga. We've also expanded search in Saga to help you find results from across your tool stack — and work more efficiently.

Psst: Here's a short survey to help us improve Saga for you. Big thanks to all of you who have already filled it out!

Collapsible Lists

You can now keep your pages organized by using collapsible lists. Collapse and expand any bulleted list to hide or show nested items.

To collapse a list, hover over the bullet point of the item. When you do, the bulleted point will turn into triangle ▼. Click on the triangle to collapse the list. The bullet point will be now replaced by a right-pointing triangle ▶. Then, just click on the right-pointing triangle ▶ to expand it.

Learn more about collapsible lists.

Linear Integration

The integration with Linear is now live to help product, software, and development teams collaborate on issue tracking directly from their work environment.

You can mention an issue inside pages and tasks by inserting a Linear block or by simply pasting a Linear link in the editor. Search in Saga also includes results from your issue board. Check the next section for more details.

We're particularly excited about this because we actually use Linear internally, so this integration enables us to keep planning docs, feature requirements, and user feedback well knitted with our issue board.

Learn more about the Linear integration.

Search Across Your Tools

To make your day-to-day work more efficient, you can now search across Google Drive and Linear directly from the main search bar in Saga. This nicely complements the ability to edit your Google Drive files directly in Saga, which we released in September. Saga is now an even better all-in-one tool for connecting your knowledge.

This is a unique feature compared to alternative software tools for docs and notes, and one we're looking to expand. What other tools should we integrate next? Let us know in the feedback board!

Improvements to the Google Drive Integration

Apart from displaying Google Drive files in the search menu, we've also added a new block in the autocomplete menu that will help you insert Google Drive files faster.

Similar to the Linear integration, pasting a Google Drive link inside Saga will suggest you to convert the link to an inline Google Drive mention. Hover mentions with your cursor to see a preview of your files similar to how Saga page links and autolinks are previewed.

Learn more about the Google Drive integration.

Fixes and Improvements

Desktop app

  • You can now switch between workspaces in the desktop app with a shortcut (⌘ + 1, 2, 3 on macOS and Ctrl + 1, 2, 3 on Windows).
  • Added a new page shortcut. Press ⌘/Ctrl + N to create a new page.
  • Added tooltips to to the navigation arrows. You can go back with ⌘/Ctrl + [ and go forward with ⌘/Ctrl + ].
  • Fixed an issue where page links will open in a new window in the app.
  • Fixed back/forward arrows being displayed on the right side of the app.
  • Fixed opening links from notifications. Now links will open in the app instead of in the browser.


  • You can now add break lines in text blocks, lists, quotes, and callouts. Press Shift + Enter when inside a block to add a break line.
  • Collections in the collection dropdown menu are now sorted by created date (newest on top). We also display the emoji icon in the dropdown if a collection has one.
  • Fixed an issue that would not update a page title when text is pasted inside the title.
  • Fixed an issue that would make the app unresponsive when moving or deleting text from a page when the search results are displayed to the side.
  • Fixed an issue that would make the app unresponsive when selecting all content of a page or a task and then deleting it.


  • Tasks now open in full width instead of side by side. You can still open them side by side by using Shift + Click.
  • Added a Copy Link button in the Share menu, so that links to pages can be copied and shared faster.
  • Collections table context menu now includes option to add and remove collections from pinned items.
  • The search panel on the right side of the app can be resized.
  • Results in the search panel, references panel, and autocomplete menu are now sorted by most recent edited pages or tasks by default.

What's Next?

We're planning to tackle some big tasks next year that include more integrations, page-level permissions, version history, offline mode, and mobile apps. We want to keep Saga great for personal use and make it even more productive for collaborating with friends and colleagues.

We wish you happy holidays and a wonderful start of the new year!

As your to-do lists are likely getting longer these days, we're back this month with a lot of improvements to help you get more done faster with Saga. This includes easier navigation, enhanced editor and task management, and a new feedback board.

We took time to fasten the overall performance, improve the app's stability, and prepare for more extensive features ahead.

Navigating back and forth in the desktop app

This has been one of the most requested features since we launched the desktop app in July. You can now go back and forth in Saga by using the arrow icons in the top left corner. You can also use the keyboard shortcuts if that's easier for you:

  • Cmd + [  and Cmd + ] on macOS
  • Ctrl + [ and Ctrl + ] on Windows

Enhanced editor & dates

It's now easier and faster to add dates across your content — one step further to offload your busy brain. You can write @today or @next Monday, enter a specific date, or now also type @Date to pick from the calendar in one click.

It's now also possible to copy a link to a specific block in a page. Click on the draggable element on the left side of a link and then select "Copy Link". Saga will automatically scroll to the position of this block when you click on that block link.

We've also pushed more than two dozen fixes and improvements to the page editor that bring more stability and speed, improved indentation, copy and paste, drag and drop, and text selection.

More improvements to tasks

As tasks have already been adopted by many of you, we've added a due date option to help you better plan your days and weeks. There is also a new context menu in tasks that will help you easily open a task to the side or in full width.

We've also improved the aggregated table and added additional space to display titles. We are still improving the experience of this feature and experimenting with the way how tasks are opened (side by side or as a full page).

New feedback widget

Most new features and improvements come from your requests and feedback — so thank you!

To streamline things, we've implemented a feedback board where sharing your feedback is even easier. You can access it while logged in to your Saga account and you will be notified when there are updates to your requests.

We are hiring

Lastly, we're looking for a founding engineer to join the team. So if that's you or if you know someone really excited about the future of knowledge management, we're looking forward to hearing from you!

Today, we’re introducing Saga’s integration with Google Drive. You can now mention files directly in Saga, open them side-by-side, or search for them in the search menu. This is our first step toward helping you connect workflows and information between different tools effortlessly.

We're also releasing improvements to the newly released task management, an option to open pages in full width, new keyboard shortcuts, new turn into menu and more. Scroll down for the full details.

Work with Google Drive files in Saga

If you have a Google account for personal use or work, you can now open, search, and mention files directly in Saga. Head to Settings > Integrations > Google Drive to enable the Google Drive integration.

Learn more in our guides.

Mentioning files in pages

Type @ or / to open the autocomplete menu. You can now autocomplete files from your Google Drive. Hit Enter to create a mention to that file inside a page.

Open Google Drive files side by side or in a full page

Clicking on a file mentioned inside a page will open it in full width directly in Saga. You can also hold Shift, then click on the file to open it side by side. You can always go back to your previous page in Saga or open the file in a new tab in your browser.

Search for your files from the search menu

You can now search for files and open them directly from the search menu in Saga. Click on any of the files to open them.

Access rights

This integration is linked to your Google account and works across all workspaces you are part of. Once enabled, you can mention and search for your files in all your workspaces.

Only you can search through your Google Drive files. Also, if you mention a Google Drive file inside a page, only you and the people who have permission to view or edit the file will be able to open it.

Turn into menu

Now, the turn into menu is triggered when you click on the handlebar on the left side of a block. This helps you quickly change the block type. For example, you can change a block from text to a heading in just two clicks.

Search results

Now, search results are displayed in a side pane on the right side of the screen and don’t interfere with the References panel inside a page. We’ve also changed this to improve readability when opening two pages side by side.

Workspace icon color

You can now customize the color of your workspace icon.

Improvements to the newly released Tasks

  • Templates can be now applied to tasks.
  • You can edit a task title after creating it — no need to open the task to edit its title.
  • Tasks now open side by side when you click on them.You can create a new task easily by clicking on the + button below an existing task.
  • You can also create a new task by typing Shift + Enter while editing an existing task.
  • You can now filter tasks in the Tasks view by assignee.
  • A new column in the Tasks view displays where a task has been referenced.
  • There is a new option to select text and convert it to a task from the turn-into menu.
  • The status of tasks (Done / Not done) is visible in the Search modal.

Keyboard shortcuts

  • Cmd + S on macOS or Ctrl + S on Windows closes and opens the left sidebar
  • Cmd + Shift + K on macOS or Ctrl + Shift + K on Windows will create a new page from text selection

Page links and autolinks look and feel

We made some changes to how autolinks and page links are displayed. Autolinks now have a dashed underline, while page links have a solid underline and display the page icon or emoji. There is also a new option to remove the page icon from all page links.

Pages in full width

We’ve implemented a new page setting to open pages in full width.

July 16, 2022

Task Management

Many of you requested an easier way to integrate notes and tasks in one place and a centralized view of tasks across pages.

This was also a need emerging in our team. As we were creating a lot of checklists — from gathering feedback to big and small ideas for improvements — we started to lose track of them.

In the same way, as autolinking helps you connect the dots with less effort, the tasks manager helps you easily keep an overview of your tasks. Now, you will find them all in one central space. And because we don't want to disturb your habits, the former checklists will remain in place.

Two weeks ago, we started this as a small experiment, and after great feedback from many of you on Discord and Slack, we're excited to release this to everyone.

Notes and tasks in one place

This new feature makes integrating tasks within your notes and docs easy. You can create tasks across pages, assign them to your colleagues, and manage them from one place. You don't have to switch between different notes and project management apps.

How it works

  • To create a task, type @ or / followed by a title and then click on Create. Alternatively, select any text or block in a page and turn it into a task by using the Turn into menu.
  • Clicking on a task will open it side by side. Now you can add more details, add an assignee, or insert text, lists, or images. In this regard, tasks behave very similarly to pages. You can edit their content, mention them, and see where they are referenced across your workspace.
  • Tasks are independent of the page they were created in. You can mention the same task in multiple pages. You can even mention tasks inside other tasks.
  • Click on the Tasks tab in the sidebar to see an aggregated view of all tasks across your workspace.

What's next?

We look forward to your feedback on Discord or Slack or over email to improve tasks for you and your team! Also, stay tuned for more updates about integrations and extensions very soon.

Today, we're launching a new way to help you share your amazing work with the world! You can now easily publish individual Saga pages to the public web for anyone to see.

You can also directly access Saga on your desktop with the newly-available apps for macOS and Windows. We've also worked on many new usability and performance updates to make Saga even better — including a shiny new way to link pages.

Publish Pages to the Web With One Click

From the very beginning, we made workspaces in Saga shareable. So you can easily publish your whole workspaces for anyone you'd like to share knowledge with — be it wikis, a learning resource, or any other working document.

We're making this even more accessible with more control for sharing individual pages, which will help you publicize your content far and wide. This means you can keep your workspace private and publish only one or several pages for the world to see!

To publish a single page, click on the Share button in the top right corner. Learn more about Page Sharing.

Desktop Apps for Extra Convenience

As one of our most requested features, we're excited to release desktop apps for macOS and Windows. You can now have a dedicated desktop icon for Saga, making it easier to access from anywhere while enabling you to focus more once you're in.

Download Saga for macOS and Windows.

Link Pages With the @ Menu

Autolinking, Saga's signature feature, enables you to discover connections you haven't even thought about. Now, you can also decide to refer to specific pages when writing your content — and in that case, manually insert links to pages.

To add a Page Link, type @ to open the autocomplete menu, then select the page you would like to link. Like autolinks, page links have a preview when you hover over them. It's also easy to convert an autolink to a page link. Learn more about Page Links.

What's New in Beta?

We're working on two exciting features — aggregated tasks view and a Google Drive integration. We are testing this with individual users and teams, and we'd love to hear your thoughts! Join our communities on Discord and Slack to help us shape this together.

Task Aggregation (Beta)

With task aggregation, you can integrate your tasks within your notes and docs. For example, you can create tasks across different pages in Saga, assign them to your colleagues, and manage all of them from one place.

Google Drive Integration (Beta)

As part of our effort to organize and link work across different tools, we've developed an integration with Google Drive. With this, you'll be able to mention and link your Google Drive files inside pages, search your Drive directly from the app, and open any file within Saga in full screen or side by side.

Learn more about the Google Drive Integration in Saga.

Other Fixes and Improvements

We've made a series of improvements as part of a major usability update that we'll be rolling out in the following weeks:

  • Newly improved sidebar — The Pages and Collections tabs now open full width inside the app.
  • Advanced search with AND / OR — You can use multiple terms in the search menu by including AND or OR in your search query. Learn more.
  • Auto Mode Theme — We've added an extra Appearance setting that detects and launches Saga in the theme of your OS.
  • Folder / Tag switcher in Collections — If you have collections with sub-collections, you can now show or hide all pages that are part of those subcollections. Learn more.
  • Export workspace as JSON — New option to export your whole workspace in the JSON format.
  • Autolinks in the right sidebar now don't show a page preview on hover.
  • 'We removed automatic addition of closing brackets when typing ',",(,[,{.

June 15, 2022

Collaboration in Saga

Today, we're introducing collaboration in Saga. You can now invite, collaborate, and stay in sync with your teammates, colleagues, and friends — to share and organize your knowledge. Collaboration is free while we are still in beta and will always be free for up to 3 editors. We're also introducing our pricing plans, including a free plan for personal use and a future paid tier for teams with more than 3 editors in a workspace.

Fostering collaboration in Saga has been our priority from the beginning. In a remote-first world, our mission is to help individuals and teams learn from each other and get things done faster. In addition, collaboration multiplies the usefulness of our most unique feature, autolinking, and makes knowledge discovery even more valuable.

Here's what else you'll see in the app:

Real-Time Editing

Collaboration in Saga happens in real-time. You can see changes instantly to always stay in sync. Working together feels natural, and you can work with as many people as you want in the same workspace.

Mentioning Team Members

You can now mention team members inside your pages and use this to assign people to tasks or notify them about important updates.

See Where Others Are

We are introducing a new way to discover what your team is up to. Team members in the same workspace can view publicly shared documents their colleagues are editing. Open the Search bar in the app to see what your colleagues are working on and when it’s good for you to jump in.


It's now easy to receive notifications about important updates in your workspace. For Example, you can see notifications about who joined your workspace or if anyone mentioned you.

User Permissions

Invite other members to your workspace as owners, editors, or viewers only.

What's Next?

Collaboration is only the first step toward making teamwork more efficient in Saga. We'll continue improving the application and make it more valuable for teams by improving notifications and implementing comments. We're also committed to working on integrating other apps in Saga and helping you connect the dots.

We hope you'll check out the collaborative version of Saga, and if you do, let us know what you think. If you have any feature requests, we'd love to hear them! Feel free to share with us on Twitter or the Saga Discord and Slack servers.

May 12, 2022

5 New Blocks

Today we are releasing five new blocks to help you organize and make sense of your knowledge even better. You can now structure your content in tables, add dates to your tasks and pages, highlight important paragraphs with a callout or separate it with a divider.

In addition, we've added a new math equations block and a bunch of improvements, including a spellchecker setting, the ability to mention a collection inside a page, and a way to sign in with a Google account.

View feature demos also on Twitter!

🏓  Tables

Organize your knowledge in the format you need. Tables in Saga are flexible, and you can add simple text as well as headings, lists, images, dates, live blocks, and any other type of supported content. Type @table in the editor to get started.

Learn more about tables.

📅  Dates Block

You can now add dates to your page content or page titles. This comes in handy when working with meeting notes, tasks, or planning documents. Saga recognizes most date formats, and you can use the autocomplete to add a date in natural language like "today" or "next Friday".

Learn more about inline dates.

🎨  Callout

With callouts, you can highlight specific paragraphs of your pages and make them more distinguishable. Add a background color or emoji icon and include any other block type inside it. Type @callout in the editor to try it out.

Learn more about the callout block.

📐  Equations

You can now display a large set of mathematical equations, expressions, and formulas inside your pages in Saga. Equations in Saga work both inline and as a standalone block. This is particularly useful when doing academic research, writing technical documentation, technical notes, or math homework.

Learn more about equations.

➖  Divider

Sometimes it's helpful to separate parts of your page visually. Use dividers to declutter your content and make it look better. Type @divider in the editor or --- followed by Space to create one.

Learn more about the divider block.

⚡ Improvements

This week we are releasing a bunch of exciting features to help you improve your personal and work-related workflows. With Page Templates, you can start a meeting, daily note, or project plan from a pre-defined template in one click. 

We’re also releasing two new block types – embeds and link previews – to help you get more context around your work. Link previews now show up automatically when pasting a website URL to provide a catchy preview of the page with images and additional text. With embeds, you can quickly add videos and more than 10 types of online content directly into your Saga pages for your teammates to discover. Scroll down for more details and the full list of services that are supported.

View feature demos also on Twitter!

🔲  Start Faster with Templates

Meeting notes, specs, plans, or even daily notes often contain the same structure. It’s now easier and faster to start from your own templates or use any of the predefined ones we’ve added to the templates gallery.

To create a template or explore the templates gallery, hover over the New Page button in the left sidebar, click on the window icon and then select Explore Templates

You can turn any existing page into a template and pre-define its collections and page icon.

Learn more about how to use templates in our Help Center.

🖼  Beautiful Links With More Context

With Link Previews, you can turn any website link into a beautiful-looking block inside your pages. This provides a richer context to your note and makes it easier to scan through.

Simply paste a website URL in the editor and click on Add Preview from the dropdown menu. Saga will automatically pull additional information from that website including logo, image, title, subtitle, and add it to the page for you.

Learn more about Link Previews.

🎥  Embed Videos

Add videos to your pages and watch them directly there. You can resize them and even watch them side by side with another page opened at the same time.

To add a video embed, simply paste a video link inside the editor and click on Add Embed from the drop-down menu. Supported platforms include YouTube, Vimeo, and DailyMotion. We will be adding more supported services in the future.

Learn more about how to use video embeds.

🖥️  Bring Content From Other Apps

You can now embed content from other apps inside Saga! View your design files from Figma, play audio files from SoundCloud, add your Spotify playlist, or preview code snippets from Codesandbox without leaving your workspace.

We are supporting embeds from the following applications: Figma, Spotify, SoundCloud, Codepen, Codesandbox, Replit, GIPHY, Prezi Video, and TED.com.

We are expanding the list of supported apps. Let us know if you’d like to embed other apps in your Saga pages in our communities on Slack and Discord.

Learn more about embedding other applications.

⚡ Improvements

  • Switching between workspaces is now instant.
  • Saga now works on mobile browsers on iOS and Android.
  • New text placeholders in empty lists, headings, and tasks.
  • The editor will now display the longest autolink if multiple autolinks are contained in the same text. 
  • Removed the option to open the autocomplete menu by typing +.
  • Improved copy and paste from spreadsheets to Saga.

🔜  What’s Next?

Many of you have helped us test and improve the collaborative version of Saga. Stay tuned – our next release will focus on bringing collaboration to everyone. You’ll soon be able to work with others in real-time, mention other team members, and receive automated notifications.

We've rebuilt large parts of Saga, completely revamped the text editor to improve performance, and added exciting new features such as live blocks, a dark theme, side by side mode, a quick edit mode, text highlighting, and more.

You can view all the feature demos also on Twitter!

🔗  Live Blocks

Live Blocks help you keep your content up to date across different pages in a workspace.  

Select any block and click on it to create a live block of it in another page. 

When you change the initial source, all live blocks created from it will change as well. This is particularly useful when summarizing content from multiple pages or when copying important content from one page to another. Live blocks are a great way to minimize duplicate content and to keep relevant information across your workspace up-to-date.

You can create live blocks in four different ways:

  • Select any block and click on the link button in the hovering toolbar. 

  • When you copy content from one page and paste it in another, Saga will suggest pasting the content as text or to create a Live Block from the pasted content.

  • Drag and drop any reference from the Reference Panel to a page to create a live block.

  • You can also create a live block of a whole page by using the autocomplete menu.

Once a live block is created, all changes will be synced in real-time. You can even create multiple live blocks from the same source block. When you do this, you’ll see a number indicator next to the initial block from which you can navigate to every live block created from it.

🌑  Dark Theme

One of the most requested features has arrived! You can turn the Dark theme on and off from the menu next to your workspace title.

✏️  Quick Edit Mode

Have you ever wanted to quickly edit a page without opening it? Simply hover over a page link and press the pen icon to quickly edit the page. When you’re done, press the X button or Esc to close quick edit mode.

✌️  Work on Two Pages Side by Side

Saga now supports opening two pages right next to each other. To open two pages side by side, simply:

  • click on the Open Side by side button, or
  • hold Shift while clicking on a page link.

🦊  Emoji Icons

We've added a small styling improvement that will add a bit more uniqueness to your workspace. You can now add an emoji icon to your pages and collections. Open any page and click on the icon button above the page title to select an emoji.

🟨  Text Highlighting

Select any text and click on the color picker in the hovering toolbar to highlight the selected text.

📄  Turn Any Text Selection Into a Page

Now you can select any text in the editor and turn that into a new page. Click on the Turn into option in the hovering toolbar and select Page.

➡️  Move Selected Text to a Page

After selecting text, now you can also move it to another page.

🗑️  Deleted Pages

We have now implemented a trash bin to save you from accidentally deleting important pages. Saga will now ask you to confirm before permanently deleting a page.

⚡ Improvements

  • We've rebuilt the editor for faster performance and stability
  • Improved dragging and dropping of blocks
  • Improved autolinking speed
  • Improved typing performance on very large pages
  • References of pages now calculate instantly
  • Search modal displays a collection of pages
  • You can now create a new page when typing it in the Search modal
  • Changes are better synced and saved when working from multiple tabs or browsers
  • We've added a new context menu for pages in the left sidebar.
  • New notifications in the bottom right corner of the screen when creating new pages, live blocks, or when moving content to another page.
  • Offline indicator in the top right corner when a user is offline
  • You can now rearrange workspaces by dragging and dropping them in the workspaces list
  • You can Duplicate a page from the page context menu
  • Improved notifications when a page's title is changed and references to it are updated
  • Clicking the handlebar on the left of the editor will suggest you create a new block
  • Countless bug fixes

🔜  What’s Coming Next?


Very soon, we'll be releasing a new way to create page and workspace templates that will help you speed up your workflows.


We want to make Saga great not only for personal use but for teams as well! A collaborative version of the app is already being tested with a few amazing teams around the world. It's free while in beta and we will keep it free for early testers. We’re adding new teams every week and if you'd like to give it a try simply fill out this form and we will be in touch with you shortly.

Google Drive and Slack integrations

Part of our vision is to help teams organize and make sense of their knowledge not only in Saga but also across the different tools they use at work. We’re currently testing a Google Drive and a Slack integration where you will be able to search and open your Google Drive or Slack content while in Saga, send messages from Slack to Saga as well as search your Slack content directly from Saga. If you’re interested in trying this out, simply fill out this form, and we will be in touch shortly.

📷️ Image Upload

  • Saga is getting colorful, just type /image anywhere in the editor to embed an image
  • You can either embed an image from a URL...
  • or upload one from your local files
  • You can also resize and align the image in the page!

📎 Import & Export to Markdown

  • Saga is open, and you will always be able to archive your work and import your work from other tools.
  • To export a page as a Markdown file, click on the ••• button in the top right corner of your page and then click on Export Page.
  • To import a page, simply drag and drop your text or Markdown files into your space. Alternatively, click on the ⬇️ button next to your space name in the left sidebar and then click on Import Pages.

⚡ Performance Update & Quality of Life

  • Automatic linking now loads instantly in large spaces
  • Improved writing speed in large spaces
  • New code blocks, synced with CodeSandbox
  • Improved numbered lists  
  • Improved drag and drop of nested blocks
  • Improved menu handling when pressing Escape in the editor
  • Improved search for pages that begin with an emoji in their title
  • Content references blocks inside pages now update again in real-time


  • You can now create aliases for any page, yay!
  • Aliases are alternative names that will be used to auto-link the page across your Space
  • To add an alias, hover over the page title and click on the + Alias placeholder
  • An alias will appear below the title. To remove it, click on it and the Alias menu will appear.

Automatic Reference Updates

  • So what if you need to change a page's title, but don't want to lose all your precious references?
  • Easy: edit the title, and Saga will tell you how many references are affected...
  • ...and you will have a chance to update all the references you want, with a click!

Reference Embeddings

  • You can now drag and drop any reference from the reference panel, into the editor
  • If a reference is particularly long, Saga will show you a preview, which you can expand
  • Reference embeddings sync automatically to their source, if you update the page where they come from, they will update
  • If the source block or page doesn't exist anymore, the reference will be kept in its last version!

Quality of Life & Bug-Fixes

  • We now have a feedback page where you can let us know about feature requests and bug reports, click on the (?) menu in the bottom right and then on Send Feedback
  • Typing performance improvement on long pages!
  • Find a useful Word count in Properties and in the Pages table, for any page!
  • Preview the number of references even when the reference panel is closed
  • You now have the Created/Updated field in every table
  • Restyled the page preview while hovering links to better match the source page
  • Shortcuts for h1, h2, h3, and todo in the @ autocomplete menu
  • Better tooltips
  • Improved UX of nested collections in sidebar
  • Fixed support for Cyrillic
  • Fixed mobile sidebar & search
  • Fixed bugs on public spaces
  • Fixed automatic number update for numbered lists
  • Fixed editor related bugs
March 29, 2021


Nested Sub-Collections

  • You can now nest collections one inside another!
  • Any collection can have an infinite amount of sub-collections
  • You can therefore use collections as hierarchical folders...
  • ...but with the advantage of being able to nest the same collection under different parents...
  • ...so that you can organize and find content from multiple angles!
  • Sub-collections are also shown as nested folders in the sidebar, neat :)

Quality of Life & Bug-Fixes

  • Add a page or sub-collection to any collection directly from the sidebar
  • New UI for adding URLs and email links from the styling toolbar
  • Improved automatic detection of URLs and emails in the text
  • Added support for navigating tables with browser back
  • Added a button to join our Discord community in the Help Section
  • Fixed editor-related bugs
March 8, 2021

Improved Navigation

New Navigation Flow

  • Based on your feedback, we re-designed the sidebar to allow you to get to your content faster and more easily
  • The new sidebar mixes a structured and a more loose approach to organization
  • Collections are not all shown in the sidebar, but now live in a dedicated Collections table
  • All Pages is also now renamed as Pages- Favorite pages or collections to find them directly in the sidebar...
  • and reorder them to support your own structure!
  • The order is kept in public spaces too, useful for showcasing your content

Bug Fixing & Improved Flows

  • The editor now closes automatically parentheses or quotation marks
  • Improved the signup / login flow, and are working to support email/password authentication
  • Fixed a problem with drag-n-drop in the editor, now it fully supports indented blocks at any level
  • Added a help button to tweet us for support
  • Fixed small UI inconsistencies and bugs

February 24, 2021

Open Beta

Saga Is Now in Open Beta!

  • Which means anybody can try it
  • Tell your friends and contacts to sign up at https://saga.so/

Public Spaces

  • You can now share your Space with the world at large
  • Just click on the Share button on the top-right and click on the small toggle
  • Share the URL you'll get to spread your knowledge!

Table of Content

  • Saga now creates a Table of Content for you, accessible from the right-side of the screen
  • Any heading in the page, small or large, will be included there
  • You can then click on a Heading in the Table to navigate to that section of the page

Heading Linking

  • You will notice a Settings menu on the right, which right now allows you to control the auto-linking behavior
  • Saga can now automatically link headings from a page, as if they were full page titles
  • Just enable the setting, and those headings will be cross-referenced all over your space

Lots of Other Stuff

  • New shortcut: write a page title within double squared brackets [[ ]] to trigger linking or the page creation menu
  • Tutorial: access an interactive tutorial from the ? help button
  • New Help & Support Center
  • Uncountable bug fixes

December 1, 2020

New Navigation

New Sidebar and Navigation

Completely rehauled sidebar navigation, easier to use, prettier to look at! You can...

  • ...create Collections from the sidebar, and create pages directly in a collection
  • ...toggle a Collection or your Favorites for a quick preview in the sidebar
  • ...open your pages in Table View, an easy way to navigate through your content
  • ...fix the sidebar, or hide it and trigger only on hover

Drag 'n' Drop

  • You can now drag any block, even indented ones, to any other point of the editor
  • To do so, hover over any block and click on the burger menu next to it...
  • ...then drag...and drop!

Bonus: Settings, Speed Improvements, Bug Fixing

  • Click on the small chevron next to your Workspace title to enter your Settings...
  • ...where you can edit your Workspace Title, and delete if you don't love it anymore.
  • We made the editor even more responsive, and fixed uncountable small things, so that you can have the best writing experience :) writing is very fast

October 8, 2020

New Autocomplete Menu

New Autocomplete Menu

  • Type @ / + to launch a new autocomplete menu
  • It allows you to create new blocks in the document...
  • ...as well as inserting references to pages and properties...
  • ...and create a new page on-the-go!

Transform Any Selection of Text

  • You can now transform any selection of text into a different format
  • To do so, select some text, then click on the format button in the styling menu...
  • ...and finally select the desired format, easy!

Faster, Faster!

  • We completely re-engineered the core of Saga to make the writing experience faster than ever
  • And, we keep on tweaking the experience in Saga, so you might notice some small big changes all over the place :)

September 16, 2020

Search for References

Search for References

  • Select any piece of text and click on Magnifying Glass to search for References to that selection
  • Or, directly search for it in the Search Bar, which you can access from Cmd/Ctrl+K

Sorting Tables

  • You can now sort any table, including the one in All Pages, by any column
  • Simply click on a Column title, and select the sorting
  • The chosen sorting will be kept even if you leave the page and come back, convenient :)

Workspaces (Beta)

  • You can now create multiple Workspaces to keep content separate
  • In the left side of the screen, you will see a vertical bar with all your Workspaces
  • Click on the + button to create a new one
  • Workspaces are a beta feature, more capabilities will be rolled out over the next weeks


  • We keep on polishing the UI with every update :)
  • And we did a lot of bug fixing too
  • We found an issue with legacy data from the first versions of Saga. If your collections or pages act weird, please get in touch on Slack and we'll fix it for you!
August 26, 2020

Tables and Properties

New 💥 BIG update:

New Menu!

  • We redesigned the left menu to be clean and easier to use
  • View all your Pages at once, by clicking on the "All Pages" button in the menu
  • Quickly navigate to the 5 most recent Pages or Collections
  • Pin your favourite Pages and Collections to the menu by clicking on the Star icon in the top right

Tables & Properties!

  • Collections are now displayed as tables! Click on a Collection name to check it out
  • This allows you to keep track of the Pages in a collection, as well as these Page's Properties.
  • Properties? Yes, Pages now have something called Properties, which is metadata you can attach to a Page
  • To add a Property to a Page, select any portion of text and click on "+ Property", or open the (i) button to see a Properties panel
  • Autocomplete Properties in the text, just type @ followed by the name of the property, and you'll be able to add it inline


  • Revamped UI
  • Improved Search experience
  • Select any portion of text to reveal a styling popup
  • Lots of bug fixing!

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