New features, updates, and improvements to Saga.
August 23, 2021

Image support, import & export, lighting fast editor!

πŸ“·οΈ Image upload

  • Saga is getting colorful, just type /image anywhere in the editor to embed an image
  • You can either embed an image from a URL...
  • or upload one from your local files
  • You can also resize and align the image in the page!

πŸ“Ž Import & Export to Markdown

  • Saga is open, and you will always be able to archive your work and import your work from other tools.
  • To export a page as a Markdown file, click on the β€’β€’β€’ button in the top right corner of your page and then click on Export Page.
  • To import a page, simply drag and drop your text or Markdown files into your space. Alternatively, click on the ⬇️ button next to your space name in the left sidebar and then click on Import Pages.

⚑ Performance update & quality of life

  • Automatic linking now loads instantly in large spaces
  • Improved writing speed in large spaces
  • New code blocks, synced with CodeSandbox
  • Improved numbered lists Β 
  • Improved drag and drop of nested blocks
  • Improved menu handling when pressing Escape in the editor
  • Improved search for pages that begin with an emoji in their title
  • Content references blocks inside pages now update again in real-time



May 11, 2021

Aliases and Automatic reference updates


  • You can now create aliases for any page, yay!
  • Aliases are alternative names that will be used to auto-link the page across your Space
  • To add an alias, hover over the page title and click on the + Alias placeholder
  • An alias will appear below the title. To remove it, click on it and the Alias menu will appear.

Automatic Reference Updates

  • So what if you need to change a page's title, but don't want to lose all your precious references?
  • Easy: edit the title, and Saga will tell you how many references are affected...
  • ...and you will have a chance to update all the references you want, with a click!

Reference embeddings

  • You can now drag and drop any reference from the reference panel, into the editor
  • If a reference is particularly long, Saga will show you a preview, which you can expand
  • Reference embeddings sync automatically to their source, if you update the page where they come from, they will update
  • If the source block or page doesn't exist anymore, the reference will be kept in its last version!

Quality of Life & Bug-Fixes

  • We now have a feedback page where you can let us know about feature requests and bug reports, click on the (?) menu in the bottom right and then on Send Feedback
  • Typing performance improvement on long pages!
  • Find a useful Word count in Properties and in the Pages table, for any page!
  • Preview the number of references even when the reference panel is closed
  • You now have the Created/Updated field in every table
  • Restyled the page preview while hovering links to better match the source page
  • Shortcuts for h1, h2, h3, and todo in the @ autocomplete menu
  • Better tooltips
  • Improved UX of nested collections in sidebar
  • Fixed support for Cyrillic
  • Fixed mobile sidebar & search
  • Fixed bugs on public spaces
  • Fixed automatic number update for numbered lists
  • Fixed editor related bugs
March 29, 2021


Nested Sub-Collections

  • You can now nest collections one inside another!
  • Any collection can have an infinite amount of sub-collections
  • You can therefore use collections as hierarchical folders...
  • ...but with the advantage of being able to nest the same collection under different parents...
  • ...so that you can organize and find content from multiple angles!
  • Sub-collections are also shown as nested folders in the sidebar, neat :)

Quality of Life & Bug-Fixes

  • Add a page or sub-collection to any collection directly from the sidebar
  • New UI for adding URLs and email links from the styling toolbar
  • Improved automatic detection of URLs and emails in the text
  • Added support for navigating tables with browser back
  • Added a button to join our Discord community in the Help Section
  • Fixed editor-related bugs
March 8, 2021

Improved Navigation

New navigation flow

  • Based on your feedback, we re-designed the sidebar to allow you to get to your content faster and more easily
  • The new sidebar mixes a structured and a more loose approach to organization
  • Collections are not all shown in the sidebar, but now live in a dedicated Collections table
  • All Pages is also now renamed as Pages- Favorite pages or collections to find them directly in the sidebar...
  • and reorder them to support your own structure!
  • The order is kept in public spaces too, useful for showcasing your contentο»Ώ

Bug fixing & improved flows

  • The editor now closes automatically parentheses or quotation marks
  • Improved the signup / login flow, and are working to support email/password authentication
  • Fixed a problem with drag-n-drop in the editor, now it fully supports indented blocks at any level
  • Added a help button to tweet us for support
  • Fixed small UI inconsistencies and bugs



February 24, 2021

Open Beta

Saga is now in open beta!

  • Which means anybody can try it
  • Tell your friends and contacts to sign up at https://saga.so/

Public Spaces

  • You can now share your Space with the world at large
  • Just click on the Share button on the top-right and click on the small toggle
  • Share the URL you'll get to spread your knowledge!

Table of Content

  • Saga now creates a Table of Content for you, accessible from the right-side of the screen
  • Any heading in the page, small or large, will be included there
  • You can then click on a Heading in the Table to navigate to that section of the page

Heading Linking

  • You will notice a Settings menu on the right, which right now allows you to control the auto-linking behavior
  • Saga can now automatically link headings from a page, as if they were full page titles
  • Just enable the setting, and those headings will be cross-referenced all over your space

Lots of other stuff

  • New shortcut: write a page title within double squared brackets [[ ]] to trigger linking or the page creation menu
  • Tutorial: access an interactive tutorial from the ? help button
  • New Help & Support Center‍
  • Uncountable bug fixes



December 1, 2020

New Navigation

New sidebar and navigation

Completely rehauled sidebar navigation, easier to use, prettier to look at! You can...

  • ...create Collections from the sidebar, and create pages directly in a collection
  • ...toggle a Collection or your Favorites for a quick preview in the sidebar
  • ...open your pages in Table View, an easy way to navigate through your content
  • ...fix the sidebar, or hide it and trigger only on hover

Drag 'n' Drop

  • You can now drag any block, even indented ones, to any other point of the editor
  • To do so, hover over any block and click on the burger menu next to it...
  • ...then drag...and drop!

Bonus: Settings, Speed Improvements, Bug fixing

  • Click on the small chevron next to your Workspace title to enter your Settings...
  • ...where you can edit your Workspace Title, and delete if you don't love it anymore.
  • We made the editor even more responsive, and fixed uncountable small things, so that you can have the best writing experience :) writing is very fast



October 8, 2020

New Autocomplete Menu

New autocomplete menu

  • Type @ / + to launch a new autocomplete menu
  • It allows you to create new blocks in the document...
  • ...as well as inserting references to pages and properties...
  • ...and create a new page on-the-go!

Transform any selection of text

  • You can now transform any selection of text into a different format
  • To do so, select some text, then click on the format button in the styling menu...
  • ...and finally select the desired format, easy!

Faster, faster!

  • We completely re-engineered the core of Saga to make the writing experience faster than ever
  • And, we keep on tweaking the experience in Saga, so you might notice some small big changes all over the place :)



September 16, 2020

Search for references

Search for references

  • Select any piece of text and click on Magnifying Glass to search for References to that selection
  • Or, directly search for it in the Search Bar, which you can access from Cmd/Ctrl+K

Sorting Tables

  • You can now sort any table, including the one in All Pages, by any column
  • Simply click on a Column title, and select the sorting
  • The chosen sorting will be kept even if you leave the page and come back, convenient :)

Workspaces (beta)

  • You can now create multiple Workspaces to keep content separate
  • In the left side of the screen, you will see a vertical bar with all your Workspaces
  • Click on the + button to create a new one
  • Workspaces are a beta feature, more capabilities will be rolled out over the next weeks


  • We keep on polishing the UI with every update :)
  • And we did a lot of bug fixing too
  • We found an issue with legacy data from the first versions of Saga. If your collections or pages act weird, please get in touch on Slack and we'll fix it for you!



August 26, 2020

Tables and properties

New πŸ’₯ BIG update:

New Menu!

  • We redesigned the left menu to be clean and easier to use
  • View all your Pages at once, by clicking on the "All Pages" button in the menu
  • Quickly navigate to the 5 most recent Pages or Collections
  • Pin your favourite Pages and Collections to the menu by clicking on the Star icon in the top right

Tables & Properties!

  • Collections are now displayed as tables! Click on a Collection name to check it out
  • This allows you to keep track of the Pages in a collection, as well as these Page's Properties.
  • Properties? Yes, Pages now have something called Properties, which is metadata you can attach to a Page
  • To add a Property to a Page, select any portion of text and click on "+ Property", or open the (i) button to see a Properties panel
  • Autocomplete Properties in the text, just type @ followed by the name of the property, and you'll be able to add it inline


  • Revamped UI
  • Improved Search experience
  • Select any portion of text to reveal a styling popup
  • Lots of bug fixing!



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