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February 24, 2021

Open Beta

Saga Is Now in Open Beta!

  • Which means anybody can try it
  • Tell your friends and contacts to sign up at https://saga.so/

Public Spaces

  • You can now share your Space with the world at large
  • Just click on the Share button on the top-right and click on the small toggle
  • Share the URL you'll get to spread your knowledge!

Table of Content

  • Saga now creates a Table of Content for you, accessible from the right-side of the screen
  • Any heading in the page, small or large, will be included there
  • You can then click on a Heading in the Table to navigate to that section of the page

Heading Linking

  • You will notice a Settings menu on the right, which right now allows you to control the auto-linking behavior
  • Saga can now automatically link headings from a page, as if they were full page titles
  • Just enable the setting, and those headings will be cross-referenced all over your space

Lots of Other Stuff

  • New shortcut: write a page title within double squared brackets [[ ]] to trigger linking or the page creation menu
  • Tutorial: access an interactive tutorial from the ? help button
  • New Help & Support Center
  • Uncountable bug fixes

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