Saga for Mac and Windows

Download the Saga desktop app for easy access and faster experience.

Available on web, macOS, and Windows

Launch in the browser

Use saga in any browser. Downloading is not required.

On macOS

Our app for macOS is designed for faster and delightful experience.

On Windows

Feel the work without distraction on Windows.

Spend less time organizing and more time doing

A screenshot of Saga that shows a page about design improvements and a list of related tasks.

Work clutter-free

Keep a clean overview of your work with the Saga desktop app, without the need to open multiple tabs in the browser.
A macOS dock that has the Saga desktop app installed.

Quicker access

Access the desktop app instantly from the Dock on macOS or the task bar on Windows and keep your work focused.

Frequently asked questions

Can I download the desktop app on the free plan?

Yes, you can download and use the desktop app with any plan.

Can I use Saga in a browser?

Saga is designed to work perfectly both in a browser and as a desktop app. The desktop app helps you stay more focused and work without distractions.

Can I use Saga to collaborate with my team?

Our team users share that Saga works great for them because of our fast, reliable, real-time collaboration.

You can invite members to your workspace and give them different permissions:
- Admins - People who can create and edit workspace content, invite others, delete content, manage settings, and delete the workspace.
- Editors - People who can create, edit, and delete workspace content.
- Viewers - People who can view workspace content.

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