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Generate content in a click. Save time and focus on what’s important.

Brainstorm ideas

Get quick help on outlining your next blog post, project brief, or email.


Translate to more than 20 languages directly in Saga. No need to leave your workspace.

Check grammar

Write clear and mistake-free. Check spelling when you need it without using an extra tool.


Rewrite text in the tone you require. Use simpler words or ask Saga to summarize it.

AI at your fingertips

Use the power of artificial intelligence in your workspace without switching between apps such as ChatGPT.
A page in Saga describing a wiki page about how we work remote. Saga AI dropdown is shown on top of it, allowing users to rewrite and translate the page or generate new conten.

Write faster

Ask Saga for the first draft and save valuable time.

Get creative

New suggestions available at your fingertips. Continue with the one that you like most.

Get answers to any question

It’s like having Google inside your text editor.
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Empower your work with GPT-4 — the best available AI model on the market. Join more than 30,000 who are already working better with AI.

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Fix spelling and grammar

Write mistake-free without leaving Saga.

Translate in 1 click

Bonjour, Hola, こんにちは. Translate to more than 20 languages in just one click.

Create better with AI


Write better articles with less effort. Get a first draft instantly.


Write personalized messages for your sales, marketing, and support needs.


Create an outline for your blog posts, emails, and plans.

Social media

Get creative suggestions for months of social media content.


Generate copy, headlines, and product descriptions in seconds.


Generate code snippets or ask Saga AI to improve yours.

Job posts

Create a job post in a few minutes. Iterate on it together with your team.

Video scripts

Quickly generate a script for your next video.


Accurately translate texts & full document instantly.

Saga AI Guides

Explore how to use Saga AI and improve your workflows.


Is Saga AI available to everyone?

Yes, Saga AI is available to all Saga users. This feature will be available for free for the next few weeks while in beta, after which it will be part of the Standard and Business plans. We will still provide free trial after that, so you can keep using it for free.

How does it work?

We use the most advanced available large language models (LLMs) developed by providers such as OpenAI and Anthropic. We connect the models to your workspace when you click on any Saga AI action.

How is my data used?

Your data and requests are private and encrypted. When you send a request to Saga AI, we and our partners do not use your data to train AI models.

What's the benefit of using Saga AI over other tools?

With Saga AI you can access the benefits of generative AI directly in your workspace. You don't have to switch between apps or copy and paste content. Saga AI is also more affordable compared to other tools.

What's the benefit of using Saga AI over ChatGPT?

With Saga AI you are working with AI directly in your notes, documents, and tasks. On the paid plans of Saga AI you are also using GPT-4 which is the best performing model on the market right now. Saga AI starts at $6/month billed annualy while ChatGPT with the same model starts at $20/month.

What's next with Saga AI?

We are iterating on this quickly and expect to improve the context awareness of the AI, so that it understands your workspace, pages, tasks, and soon the context of other tools you are using such as productivity tools, email clients, and chat applications.

We are also working on the options to generate images, video, and voice/sound transcripts directly inside your workspace. If you have feedback and requests please join our Discord server or leave a feature request.

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