Writing Better AI Prompts

The way you write your prompt is key to obtain the output you want from Saga AI.

Here are a 4 common attributes of effective prompts. Keep in mind that Saga AI is conversation-based — hence you can continue asking it to refine the output until it suits you!

  • Precise: Begin with a clear output in mind. What do you want Saga AI to write for you? Avoid vague or general prompts that can lead to a wide range of responses.
  • Focused: Make sure your prompt is easy to understand and doesn't leave room for confusion. It's best to use simple language and avoid using jargon or overly complicated terms.
  • Contextualized: As much as you can, including any relevant information, words to use, or preferences such as length or tone.
  • Give examples: It's useful if you could give an example of the expected output. This helps when the output has a prefedined structure.


  • Switch "Draft as email summary" to "Turn this user interview into a summary email from Alex to Sylvia, in a casual tone. Shorten context and highlight the main takeaways as bullet points".
  • Instead of "What are the best surf spots in Hawaii?", precise "What are the best surf spots in Hawaii in September, with the most consistent swell and waves up to 5 feet?"
  • Rewrite "Brainstorm ideas for a drop-shipping clothing business" as "Generate ideas about a drop-shipping clothing business. Create a step-by-step roadmap for launching with unique marketing strategies that will reach the target audience: South-East Asian women between 25-40 years old."

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