Pages are the main building block in Saga. Get started with a simple page and add more blocks like headings, lists, and more to customise it. Let's see how. 👇

Creating a page

There are two ways to create a new page:

  • From the sidebarClick on the in the top left corner ↖️ to open the navigation sidebar. Then click on + New Page
  • When you’re already inside a page — hit @, / or + to open up the autocomplete menu. Type your new page name and press Enter to create it

Adding title and content

  • Each page contains a title on top and blocks of content below. Start typing inside a page and see how fast and easy it feels.
  • The page title is important! Saga will automatically check for links and references to that page by looking where the title has been mentioned across your space.

Blocks of content

Pages in Saga are customisable and you can adapt each page to your specific needs — whether that's adding a bulleted list in a meeting note, adding a checklist as a to-do, or separating parts of your document with large headings. You can add the following blocks inside a page:

  • Text
  • Bulleted lists
  • Numbered list
  • Headings (large / medium / small)
  • Checklist
  • Quotes
  • Images
  • Code Block
  • Callout Block
  • Equation
  • Table

To add a block, type @ or / to open the autocomplete menu, or alternatively use the markdown keyboard shortcuts.

Moving blocks with drag and drop

Blocks in pages can be moved up and down with drag and drop. Hover over a block with your cursor and an ☰ icon  will apprear to the left of the block. Click and hold the icon to rearrange the block up and down the page.

Favoriting a page

Favorited pages are just a click away and easy to access. You can favorite in one of two ways:

  • From a page — Open a page and click on the ⭐ icon in the top right corner ↗️
  • From the Favorites table:
  • Open the left-hand sidebar by clicking on the Saga logo.
  • Click on the ⭐ Favorites tab to open a table with all favorited pages.
  • Then click on the + Add to Favorites button, type a page title, and press Enter.

View your favorite pages and collections from the left-hand sidebar. Hover over the Favorites button and toggle the arrow next to it to view all your favorites at once.

Links to pages

Links in Saga help you connect your pages, ideas, and thoughts on the go. Links are underlined in light blue and are created every time you mention a page title in your content. Here's what you can do with them:

  • Click to open — Clicking on a link will open the linked page in Saga
  • Hover to preview — Hovering with your cursor over a page link will open a quick preview that contains the first paragraph of the page.

Deleting a page

There are two ways to delete a page:

  • From within a page — Click on the ⋯ button in the top right corner of a page to open the page context menu. Then click on the Delete page button.
  • From a table in the navigation sidebar — Open the left-hand sidebar and open a collection, All Pages, or Favorites. Hover over a page title and click on the ⋯ button that appears to the left of the title. Then, click on the Delete page button.

To permanently delete a page, click on the Delete Forever button.

Accessing Deleted Pages

You can view, recover, or permanently delete pages from the Deleted Pages Table. It serves as a Trash Bin for your pages in case you accidentally delete some of them.

To access the Deleted Pages Table:

  • Open the sidebar
  • Click on Pages
  • Select Deleted Pages from the dropdown


Find answers to common questions about pages in Saga.

What happens when I delete a page?

Deleting a page is permanent and can't be reverted. Be careful when you delete a page.

What happens with links to a page that is deleted?

When you delete a page that has been mentioned in other pages, all links to that page will be disabled, but the text mentioning the page title won't change.

What happens if I rename a page that has been mentioned in other pages?

Text mentioning a page that has been renamed won't change.

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