Styling Toolbar

The styling toolbar in Saga is a powerful, minimalist tool that allows you to style your text and content. Additionally, it enables you to perform operations such as converting text into different formats, using AI on top of text, or moving text between different documents.

Opening the toolbar

Highlight any text to select it. The toolbar will be displayed above the selected text.

Text styling basics

To enhance the text, you can modify the format of the selected content to make it bold, italic, underline, or style it as inline code.

Alternatively, you can utilize the following keyboard shortcuts: Ctrl/Cmd + B for bold, Ctrl/Cmd + I for italic, Ctrl/Cmd + U for underline, and Ctrl/Cmd + Shift + C for inline code.


To make your content stand out, you can change the text and background colors.

Select your text and pick a color and style from the dropdown in the toolbar.

Turn into menu

You can easily transform blocks from one type to another through the "Turn into" menu. Simply select any content and click on Turn into in the toolbar.

With this feature, you can transform your selection into:

  • Page - the selection will be converted to a page title and the page link will replace the selected text
  • Task - the selection will be converted to a task title and the task block will replace the selected text
  • Other types of blocks - such as text, headings, bullet points, checklists, numbered lists, callouts, quotes, code, and equations. In this case, the whole block where the text is selected will be converted to the desired new block.
  • Bonus: If you have the Linear integration enabled, you can turn selected text into a new Linear issue

Saga AI

Saga AI is the artificial intelligence assistant within Saga that assists in answering questions and rewriting content.

To utilize Saga AI, simply highlight any text and select Saga AI from the toolbar to request the AI to perform a task based on your selection. For instance, you can ask the AI to rewrite your text, enhance it, summarize it, or translate it.

Refer to the detailed guide on Saga AI to explore how artificial intelligence can aid you in your daily activities.

Create link from selection

To add a hyperlink to text, simply highlight the text to select it and then click on the link icon in the toolbar. Alternatively, you can also select the text and press Ctrl/Cmd + K to add a hyperlink to it. Then type or paste the URL and click on Save.

Move selection

To move content to another page, follow these steps:

  • Highlight your content to select it
  • Click on the right pointing arrow from the toolbar
  • Select the page where you want to move the content

The content will be added to the bottom of the selected page.

Create Live Blocks from selection

Live blocks enable you to reference and synchronize content across pages. By creating live blocks, you can ensure that the content is always up to date without the need for manual copying and pasting.

To create a Live Block, first select the text you want to use and then click on the chain icon in the toolbar. Next, choose the page where you want to place the Live Block. The Live Block will then be added to the bottom of the selected page.

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