Live Blocks

Live Blocks help you keep your content up to date across different pages in a workspace. Select any block and click on it to create a live block of it in another page. When you change the initial source, all live blocks created from it will change as well.

When to use Live Blocks?

Live Blocks are particularly useful when

  • summarizing content from multiple pages
  • copying important content from one page to another

Live blocks are a great way to minimize duplicate content and keep relevant information across your workspace up-to-date.

Creating live blocks

There are four ways to create Live Blocks.

1. From the styling toolbar

Select any block and click on the link button in the styling toolbar.

2. Copy and paste text from another page

When you copy content from one page and paste it in another, Saga will suggest pasting the content as text or to create a Live Block from the pasted content.

3. From the Reference Panel

Drag and drop any reference from the Reference Panel to a page to create a live block.

4. Live Block of a whole page

You can also create a live block of a whole page by using the autocomplete menu

Syncing Live Block changes

Once a live block is created, all changes will be synced in real-time. You can even create multiple live blocks from the same source block. When you do this, you’ll see a number indicator next to the initial block from which you can navigate to every live block created from it.

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