Images can be easily uploaded to your pages and tasks in Saga, and you can also rearrange or resize them.

Saga supports all image formats including JPG, PNG, HEIC, GIF, and images are uploaded in their original size and are not compressed.

To add an image to your workspace, you can drag and drop it into Saga, create an image block, or embed an image from a URL.

Uploading Images

To upload an image to Saga, simply drag and drop the image file into the workspace.

Creating an Image Block

You can also create an image block and select which file you want to upload. To create an image block,

  • open the autocomplete by typing / or @
  • select image block

Alternatively, press the + button to the left of an empty block and then type "image".

Embedding Images from URL

To embed an image from a URL, create an image block from the autocomplete, click on "embed from URL," and paste the URL for the image.

Opening and Saving

To open an image, double-click on it to zoom in. To save or copy the image, right-click on the image and use the menu options.

Resizing and Aligning

To resize an image, hover over it and click on the guide on the right side of the image. Drag it to make the image smaller or larger.

To align the image, hover over it and from the top right corner, select to align it to the left, center, or right of the editor.

Moving Images

Image blocks can be dragged and dropped around the page. They can also be moved to another page or task within the workspace.

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