A workspace is where your related content, pages, and collections are organized and connected. You can easily navigate between pages in your workspaces, link to other pages that are also part of it, and create references between pages.

Use workspaces to organize a single topic or project. You could also use different workspaces to separate your work-related knowledge from private notes.

Creating a workspace

To create a new workspace, open the left-hand sidebar and click on the + button on the left edge of your screen. Type a workspace name and press Create.

Switching between workspaces

Switch between workspaces from the list on the left edge of your screen. View the list of workspaces by opening the left-hand sidebar.

Rearranging workspaces

Drag and drop a workspace icon to rearrange it's position in the left-hand sidebar.

Deleting a workspace

To delete a workspace, head to the Settings menu. Open it from the down-pointing arrow next to the name of your workspace in the sidebar.

Customizing the workspace icon

Head to Settings > General > Icon to change the color icon of your worspace. This setting is available to Workspace Owners only.

Sharing a workspace

You can share your whole workspace as a publicly accessible website. Click on the Share button in the top right corner of Saga.

See the following page for more details.

Sharing your workspace


Find answers to common questions about workspaces in Saga.

What happens when I delete a workspace?

Your pages, collections and all the content you have created will be deleted. This action cannot be reversed. Consider carefully before deleting a workspace.

Can I create multiple workspaces?

Yes. Click on the + button in the left-hand sidebar to create a new workspace.

Do references and links to pages work across workspaces?

No. Links and references to pages work only within the same workspace.

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