Public Pages

Saga allows you to share a single page as a public website, so that you can share your content with the outside world.

To do this, click on the Share button on the top right corner of the screen, then set your page as public by clicking on the small toggle. You will now see a small 🌐 globe icon next to Share to indicate that the current page is now public.

You can now copy the public URL of the page and share it.

Autolinks and Page Links inside public pages

If your publicly shared page contains autolinks and page links, they will be accessible to others, only if they have access to those pages. By default all links will be hidden for public acces.


Find answers to common questions about sharing your Space.

How do I stop sharing my page?

From within the shared page, click on the Share button, then untoggle the option for the page.

The small 🌐 globe icon on the top right will then disappear.

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