Quick Tips

If you're new to Saga, start by creating your first page. Follow these quick tips to unlock new superpowers and learn how to create a more comprehensive and connected workspace.

1. Use the autocomplete menu for suggestions (type @ or / )

Type @ or / in a page to add a new block without leaving your keyboard. You can also use it to add headings, bulleted lists, images, or to mention a page or a colleague. It's even useful for creating new pages or tasks on the go.

2. Create links between pages

One of Saga's key features is the automatic creation of links and references. Use them to connect your numerous ideas, quickly navigate between pages, and make your knowledge base smarter.

Simply type a page title inside another page, and a link will be automatically created. Use the autocomplete menu (type @ or / ) to see suggestions for pages or to create a new one on the go.

3. Search with Ctrl / ⌘ + K

Accessing the right information is the key to working faster, smarter, and more productively. Use  Search to navigate between pages and view search results.

Click on the 🔍 icon in the top right-hand corner or press Ctrl / ⌘ + K to open the Search menu.

4. View references to your page

References show all pages that link back to the current page. Use them to navigate back and forth between connected pages.

Simply click on the References icon in the top right-hand corner ↗️ to view.

5. Create collections

Collections help you group similar or related pages. Create a collection for a project and place them in the same place for easy access. Open the left-hand sidebar and click on the + button next to the Collections label to create a collection.  

6. Organise your work in workspaces

Create workspaces to organize your work. They work well when you want to separate different projects, or you want your personal notes to be organized differently from your work-related documents.

Head to the left-hand sidebar to create and navigate between pages.

7. Open pages side by side

Did you know that you can work in two pages at the same time? In Saga, there's no need to open multiple tabs.

To open a page to the side simply hold Shift and then click on the link to that page. It can be a page link, autolink or a link from the sidebar.

8. Preview pages

Hover with your mouse over a page link to see a page preview. Click on the preview to navigate to that page.

9. Import & Export

Saga is open, and you will always be able to archive your work as well as import your work from other tools.

We currently support importing and exporting Markdown content.

10. Get more productive with keyboard shortcuts

There are a number of shortcuts that you can use to create blocks, style text, and navigate between pages and collections without leaving your keyboard.  

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