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Task Management

It's easy to integrate tasks within your notes and docs in Saga. You can create tasks across different pages in Saga, assign them to your colleagues, and manage all of them from one place. Task aggregation helps you manage everything without switching between multiple apps for notes and project management.

Creating a Task

You can create a task by:

  • Using the autocomplete menu — Type @ followed by the title of your task and click on Create Task from the autocomplete dropdown.
  • Selecting text or block and creating a task from it.
  • Using the Tasks Tab — Open the Tasks tab in the top left corner of the sidebar. Then, click on New Task.
  • Hover over an existing task and click on the small + button below it to create a new task.
  • When you are editing the title of an existing task press Shift + Enter to create a new task below it.

Assigning a Task

To assign a task to someone hover over the task and click on the person icon to the right side of the task. You can assign a task to anyone who is a member of your workspace.

Adding Details to a Task

You can edit a task in the same way as pages are edited in Saga. You can add text, lists, images, headings and even other tasks inside.

See Where a Task is Referenced

Similar to pages, you can open the reference panel and see where a task has been referenced across your workspace. Alternatively, you can see that in the Tasks Tab as a column in the tasks table too!

Applying a template to a task

Similar to Page Templates you can apply an existing template to a task. To do that, create a task and click on the + Template button inside the task. Any existing page template in Saga could be applied to a task.

Notifying other members

Just like in pages, when you mention the name of someone else from your team, they will be notified about this notification in real time via email.

Deleting a Task

Open a task and click on the context menu in the top right corner of the screen. Click on Delete Task.


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