Connecting Knowledge

Saga uses a few unique and powerful concepts to help you connect your knowledge.


Links to pages are automatically created when you mention a page title inside another page. This uncovers hidden connections across your work and give you all available context to perform your task. Imagine creating your own Wikipedia in real-time from your own knowledge.

Instant Search

The Search in Saga helps you instantly find the right information. It combines a quick navigation switcher between pages, tasks, and collections with a full-text search for pages and tasks.

Saga's search is really fast and is one of the fastest on the market. You can also use the search offline if you've already opened your workspace in the web browser or in the app.

Live Blocks

Live Blocks help you keep your content up to date across different pages in a workspace.  Select any block and click on it to create a live block of it in another page. When you change the initial source, all live blocks created from it will change as well.

References of Pages

🔗 References show you all the places where your current page is mentioned. References can help you navigate faster and discover connections across your pages that you otherwise might not see.

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