What Is Saga?

Saga is an AI-powered collaborative workspace that helps you be more productive. It does this by making it easier to write, find, and connect all of your knowledge.

Over time Saga becomes your single source of truth. So whether you're trying to remember a formula from a note you took 3 years ago or are updating a company policy across an entire knowledge base, Saga makes it easy.

How is Saga different?

What is Saga good for?

Saga is built to help you be productive – both when jotting down a quick personal note and collaborating on longer documents with your team.

Discover different use cases. It's particularly useful for connecting different concepts related to a topic or project and when you want to navigate between them quickly.

Connecting knowledge

The main benefit of Saga is how easy it is to connect your knowledge. With lightning-fast search, automated linking, and a powerful autocomplete menu, you have all the context available while staying focused on your work.

With Saga you can always see the big picture. It's like having your own Wikipedia automatically built in real-time, from your knowledge.

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