References show you all the places where your current page is mentioned. References can help you navigate faster and discover connections across your pages that you otherwise might not see.

Creating a reference

References are created automatically by Saga! Anytime you create a link to a page, a reference will be created to that page on the go. Links in Saga are bi-directional, so links and references go hand in hand.

Viewing references in the right-hand sidebar

Head to the top right corner ↗️ of your page to open the reference panel. You will see a list of references to your current page across the space. Click on a reference card to open the referenced page.


Find answers to common questions about references.

What happens to references if I change the title of a page?

If you change a page title, references will be recalculated for the new page title. References for the old page title won't be displayed.

What if the title of my current page is contained in other page titles? Are those shown as references?

Yes, if the title of your current page is included in another page title, a reference will be displayed in the right-hand sidebar. For example if you have a page named "John Doe" and another page called "Meeting wih John Doe", you will see a reference to "Meeting with John Doe" in the page "John Doe".

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