Automatic Linking

Links to pages are automatically created when you mention a page title inside another page without any additional steps.

Using links helps you create connected knowledge bases in minutes. Imagine creating your own Wikipedia in real-time from your own knowledge.

Creating a link inside a page

Create links to pages:

  • Type a page title — Type the name of a page inside another page and Saga will automatically create a link.
  • Use the autocomplete menu hit @ or / and type a page title to view suggestions. Select and press Enter to confirm creating a link.

Removing a link

You can edit autolinks as normal text. To remove a link simply edit the link text so that it doesn't match a page title or delete it altogether from your page.

Link Previews

Hover a link with your cursor to view a preview of the linked page. You will see the page title, a preview of the first paragraph of the page, and any collections if the page has been added to a collection. Click on the preview to navigate to that page.


You can assign multiple alternative titles, or aliases, to a page.

This way, Saga will automatically link any alias just like the original page title.

To add an alias, click on the + Alias button below a Page's title.

You can remove an Alias by clicking on it, then clicking on the x next to it.


References show you all the pages where your current page is mentioned. Since linking in Saga is bi-directional, each link to a page automatically creates a reference. Head to the top right ↗️ corner of your page to open the reference sidebar.

👉 View detailed guide → 🔗 References of Pages

Linking to Headings

You can link headings within a page and their sub-content by enabling the option in the Settings menu on the right side of the screen.

Headings from this page will then be cross-referenced in all pages within your Space.


Find answers to common questions about Automatic Linking.

Can I disable a link that was automatically created?

Not at the moment, but if you have a specific use case please contact us and we will try to look into that.

What happens when I rename a page title that is linked somewhere else?

When you update a page title that is referenced in other pages, Saga will suggest reviewing and updating the links for you.

In case you skip the review, links that have been created before the change of the page will be disabled. To enable the links again, update the links to reflect the changed page title.

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