The Knowledge Hub for Your Team

Connect your docs, notes, and tasks together in one place, to make sense of your knowledge.

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Remote Work
Meeting Notes

Unlock powerful user insights faster

Automatically connect user research and extract insights in one powerful research database.


Build better products faster

Get everyone on the same page and bring your PRDs, meetings, feedback, and more into one flexible workspace.


Seamless team  alignment

Simplify communication and share knowledge by automatically connecting your wikis, notes, and docs.


Transform notes into knowledge

Connect meeting notes, internal docs, and tasks. Get things done faster in one organized knowledge hub.


Easy to create documentation

Break up knowledge silos with documentation that's easy to create and interlink.


Study smarter and learn more

Effortlessly connect and organize your notes, coursework, and even tasks.


Keep everyone on the same page

Align your team on docs, notes, and tasks. Collaborate effortlessly and achieve your team goals faster with everything in one place.

Connect your knowledge

Saga connects what’s important for you! It automatically links parts of your knowledge without you thinking about and helps you always see the big picture.
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Find what’s relevant

Discover powerful new connections across your knowledge. Instantly see where notes and pages are mentioned so that you never lose context.

Create living documents

Replace stale docs and notes that nobody opens anymore with one connected workspace. With Saga’s Live Blocks and References, it’s easy to keep information always in sync and up to date.
Explore Live Blocks

Context that just happens

Spend less time asking teammates questions and more time just doing. Your team's knowledge is automatically linked and quickly searchable.



Discover new connections

Saga intelligently recognizes what you are writing and creates links to other parts of your knowledge for you.



Real-time collaboration

Work on documents together, share your work with others, and expand your collective knowledge. See updates and changes in real-time.



Get more from your tools

Use what’s already working for you. Search and connect tools like Google Drive, Slack, and more.

Start your Saga

Turn information into insights, so you can always see the big picture.