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Simple, elegant notes and docs

Write, edit, and share in a clutter-free workspace that's easy to use, making collaboration a breeze. Say goodbye to overwhelming interfaces and hello to simplicity.


Smart helper within Saga

Boost your creativity and productivity with Saga AI, a clever assistant that answers questions, generates content, and helps you brainstorm ideas—all within Saga.


Automatic linking for easy navigation

Saga links pages for you automatically. This helps you see the big picture and move quickly through your knowledge base.

Why choose Saga?

Simple yet powerful

An elegant interface with powerful features when you need them.

Amazingly fast

Experience swift performance and real-time syncing optimized for speed.

Built for collaboration

Write, share, and collaborate to grow your collective knowledge.


Blazingly fast

Saga makes working together feel incredibly fast! Open pages, write, and search in an instant. Real-time syncing ensures a quick, smooth experience for everyone.


Stay connected with your favourite apps

Easily search information across your workspace with seamless integration to Google Drive, Linear, and more. Keep using the tools you love.


Find what you need, when you need it

Search your content in a flash with Saga's lightning-fast search. Access important information without any delays.

Connect the dots

Saga resurfaces the right information for you when you need it


Keep documents relevant

Enhance outdated notes with Saga's Live Blocks to ensure your information is up to date.


Discover hidden connections

Easily spot connections between pages and reveal new relationships across your knowledge base.


Commands right at your fingertips

Quickly add new blocks, insert links to pages, or mention teammates without ever leaving the keyboard.

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