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Saga brings your docs and notes together to give you new superpowers.

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Connect knowledge automatically

Save time and discover what’s relevant with autolinking. Saga recognizes what you are writing and creates cross-references to other parts of your knowledge base.


Always-on background search

View where your notes and pages are mentioned. Discover connections across your knowledge base that you haven’t thought about yet.


Beautiful, clean document editor

A clean canvas made for writing. Capture notes and thoughts, craft docs in a fast, beautiful way.


Publish your work

Share what you are working on in one click — public spaces made for knowledge bases, your public research notes, and much more.


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Get more from your existing tools

Use what’s already working for you. Search information scattered across your tools. Drag and drop references to knowledge stored in other document editors, emails, or chats.

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A Saga document that is linked to knowledge stored in emails, chats and other document editors.
A Saga document that is edited collaboratively by two people in real-time


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Collaborate with your team in one place

Seamlessly collaborate in real-time. Work on documents together, share your work with others and expand your collective knowledge.

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Saga is built for

Saga used for notes and documents. Remote work guide written in Saga.
Saga used for research. Investment research memo written in Saga.
Saga used for meeting notes. A meeting note with participants, agenda items, tasks and outcomes written in Saga.
Saga used for project wiki or company wiki. A company handbook written in Saga.
Saga used for journalling and daily notes. Daily journal entry written in Saga.
Saga used for product management. Feature request with specifications, roadmap and links to user interviews written in Saga.

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