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June 15, 2022

Collaboration in Saga

Today, we're introducing collaboration in Saga. You can now invite, collaborate, and stay in sync with your teammates, colleagues, and friends — to share and organize your knowledge. Collaboration is free while we are still in beta and will always be free for up to 3 editors. We're also introducing our pricing plans, including a free plan for personal use and a future paid tier for teams with more than 3 editors in a workspace.

Fostering collaboration in Saga has been our priority from the beginning. In a remote-first world, our mission is to help individuals and teams learn from each other and get things done faster. In addition, collaboration multiplies the usefulness of our most unique feature, autolinking, and makes knowledge discovery even more valuable.

Here's what else you'll see in the app:

Real-Time Editing

Collaboration in Saga happens in real-time. You can see changes instantly to always stay in sync. Working together feels natural, and you can work with as many people as you want in the same workspace.

Mentioning Team Members

You can now mention team members inside your pages and use this to assign people to tasks or notify them about important updates.

See Where Others Are

We are introducing a new way to discover what your team is up to. Team members in the same workspace can view publicly shared documents their colleagues are editing. Open the Search bar in the app to see what your colleagues are working on and when it’s good for you to jump in.


It's now easy to receive notifications about important updates in your workspace. For Example, you can see notifications about who joined your workspace or if anyone mentioned you.

User Permissions

Invite other members to your workspace as owners, editors, or viewers only.

What's Next?

Collaboration is only the first step toward making teamwork more efficient in Saga. We'll continue improving the application and make it more valuable for teams by improving notifications and implementing comments. We're also committed to working on integrating other apps in Saga and helping you connect the dots.

We hope you'll check out the collaborative version of Saga, and if you do, let us know what you think. If you have any feature requests, we'd love to hear them! Feel free to share with us on Twitter or the Saga Discord and Slack servers.

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