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December 22, 2022

Collapsible Lists, Linear Integration, Search Across Tools

As part of this December release, we've got some early presents for you: collapsible lists, one of the most upvoted feature requests, and an integration with Linear to help product teams track and solve issues directly in Saga. We've also expanded search in Saga to help you find results from across your tool stack — and work more efficiently.

Psst: Here's a short survey to help us improve Saga for you. Big thanks to all of you who have already filled it out!

Collapsible Lists

You can now keep your pages organized by using collapsible lists. Collapse and expand any bulleted list to hide or show nested items.

To collapse a list, hover over the bullet point of the item. When you do, the bulleted point will turn into triangle ▼. Click on the triangle to collapse the list. The bullet point will be now replaced by a right-pointing triangle ▶. Then, just click on the right-pointing triangle ▶ to expand it.

Learn more about collapsible lists.

Linear Integration

The integration with Linear is now live to help product, software, and development teams collaborate on issue tracking directly from their work environment.

You can mention an issue inside pages and tasks by inserting a Linear block or by simply pasting a Linear link in the editor. Search in Saga also includes results from your issue board. Check the next section for more details.

We're particularly excited about this because we actually use Linear internally, so this integration enables us to keep planning docs, feature requirements, and user feedback well knitted with our issue board.

Learn more about the Linear integration.

Search Across Your Tools

To make your day-to-day work more efficient, you can now search across Google Drive and Linear directly from the main search bar in Saga. This nicely complements the ability to edit your Google Drive files directly in Saga, which we released in September. Saga is now an even better all-in-one tool for connecting your knowledge.

This is a unique feature compared to alternative software tools for docs and notes, and one we're looking to expand. What other tools should we integrate next? Let us know in the feedback board!

Improvements to the Google Drive Integration

Apart from displaying Google Drive files in the search menu, we've also added a new block in the autocomplete menu that will help you insert Google Drive files faster.

Similar to the Linear integration, pasting a Google Drive link inside Saga will suggest you to convert the link to an inline Google Drive mention. Hover mentions with your cursor to see a preview of your files similar to how Saga page links and autolinks are previewed.

Learn more about the Google Drive integration.

Fixes and Improvements

Desktop app

  • You can now switch between workspaces in the desktop app with a shortcut (⌘ + 1, 2, 3 on macOS and Ctrl + 1, 2, 3 on Windows).
  • Added a new page shortcut. Press ⌘/Ctrl + N to create a new page.
  • Added tooltips to to the navigation arrows. You can go back with ⌘/Ctrl + [ and go forward with ⌘/Ctrl + ].
  • Fixed an issue where page links will open in a new window in the app.
  • Fixed back/forward arrows being displayed on the right side of the app.
  • Fixed opening links from notifications. Now links will open in the app instead of in the browser.


  • You can now add break lines in text blocks, lists, quotes, and callouts. Press Shift + Enter when inside a block to add a break line.
  • Collections in the collection dropdown menu are now sorted by created date (newest on top). We also display the emoji icon in the dropdown if a collection has one.
  • Fixed an issue that would not update a page title when text is pasted inside the title.
  • Fixed an issue that would make the app unresponsive when moving or deleting text from a page when the search results are displayed to the side.
  • Fixed an issue that would make the app unresponsive when selecting all content of a page or a task and then deleting it.


  • Tasks now open in full width instead of side by side. You can still open them side by side by using Shift + Click.
  • Added a Copy Link button in the Share menu, so that links to pages can be copied and shared faster.
  • Collections table context menu now includes option to add and remove collections from pinned items.
  • The search panel on the right side of the app can be resized.
  • Results in the search panel, references panel, and autocomplete menu are now sorted by most recent edited pages or tasks by default.

What's Next?

We're planning to tackle some big tasks next year that include more integrations, page-level permissions, version history, offline mode, and mobile apps. We want to keep Saga great for personal use and make it even more productive for collaborating with friends and colleagues.

We wish you happy holidays and a wonderful start of the new year!

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