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May 11, 2021

Aliases and Automatic Reference Updates


  • You can now create aliases for any page, yay!
  • Aliases are alternative names that will be used to auto-link the page across your Space
  • To add an alias, hover over the page title and click on the + Alias placeholder
  • An alias will appear below the title. To remove it, click on it and the Alias menu will appear.

Automatic Reference Updates

  • So what if you need to change a page's title, but don't want to lose all your precious references?
  • Easy: edit the title, and Saga will tell you how many references are affected...
  • ...and you will have a chance to update all the references you want, with a click!

Reference Embeddings

  • You can now drag and drop any reference from the reference panel, into the editor
  • If a reference is particularly long, Saga will show you a preview, which you can expand
  • Reference embeddings sync automatically to their source, if you update the page where they come from, they will update
  • If the source block or page doesn't exist anymore, the reference will be kept in its last version!

Quality of Life & Bug-Fixes

  • We now have a feedback page where you can let us know about feature requests and bug reports, click on the (?) menu in the bottom right and then on Send Feedback
  • Typing performance improvement on long pages!
  • Find a useful Word count in Properties and in the Pages table, for any page!
  • Preview the number of references even when the reference panel is closed
  • You now have the Created/Updated field in every table
  • Restyled the page preview while hovering links to better match the source page
  • Shortcuts for h1, h2, h3, and todo in the @ autocomplete menu
  • Better tooltips
  • Improved UX of nested collections in sidebar
  • Fixed support for Cyrillic
  • Fixed mobile sidebar & search
  • Fixed bugs on public spaces
  • Fixed automatic number update for numbered lists
  • Fixed editor related bugs

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