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August 4, 2022

Google Drive Integration, Task Improvements, and QoL

Today, we’re introducing Saga’s integration with Google Drive. You can now mention files directly in Saga, open them side-by-side, or search for them in the search menu. This is our first step toward helping you connect workflows and information between different tools effortlessly.

We're also releasing improvements to the newly released task management, an option to open pages in full width, new keyboard shortcuts, new turn into menu and more. Scroll down for the full details.

Work with Google Drive files in Saga

If you have a Google account for personal use or work, you can now open, search, and mention files directly in Saga. Head to Settings > Integrations > Google Drive to enable the Google Drive integration.

Learn more about the Google Drive integration in our guides.

Mentioning files in pages

Type @ or / to open the autocomplete menu. You can now autocomplete files from your Google Drive. Hit Enter to create a mention to that file inside a page.

Open Google Drive files side by side or in a full page

Clicking on a file mentioned inside a page will open it in full width directly in Saga. You can also hold Shift, then click on the file to open it side by side. You can always go back to your previous page in Saga or open the file in a new tab in your browser.

Search for your files from the search menu

You can now search for files and open them directly from the search menu in Saga. Click on any of the files to open them.

Access rights

This integration is linked to your Google account and works across all workspaces you are part of. Once enabled, you can mention and search for your files in all your workspaces.

Only you can search through your Google Drive files. Also, if you mention a Google Drive file inside a page, only you and the people who have permission to view or edit the file will be able to open it.

Turn into menu

Now, the turn into menu is triggered when you click on the handlebar on the left side of a block. This helps you quickly change the block type. For example, you can change a block from text to a heading in just two clicks.

Search results

Now, search results are displayed in a side pane on the right side of the screen and don’t interfere with the References panel inside a page. We’ve also changed this to improve readability when opening two pages side by side.

Workspace icon color

You can now customize the color of your workspace icon.

Improvements to the newly released Tasks

  • Templates can be now applied to tasks.
  • You can edit a task title after creating it — no need to open the task to edit its title.
  • Tasks now open side by side when you click on them.You can create a new task easily by clicking on the + button below an existing task.
  • You can also create a new task by typing Shift + Enter while editing an existing task.
  • You can now filter tasks in the Tasks view by assignee.
  • A new column in the Tasks view displays where a task has been referenced.
  • There is a new option to select text and convert it to a task from the turn-into menu.
  • The status of tasks (Done / Not done) is visible in the Search modal.

Keyboard shortcuts

  • Cmd + S on macOS or Ctrl + S on Windows closes and opens the left sidebar
  • Cmd + Shift + K on macOS or Ctrl + Shift + K on Windows will create a new page from text selection

Page links and autolinks look and feel

We made some changes to how autolinks and page links are displayed. Autolinks now have a dashed underline, while page links have a solid underline and display the page icon or emoji. There is also a new option to remove the page icon from all page links.

Pages in full width

We’ve implemented a new page setting to open pages in full width.

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