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December 1, 2020

New Navigation

New Sidebar and Navigation

Completely rehauled sidebar navigation, easier to use, prettier to look at! You can...

  • ...create Collections from the sidebar, and create pages directly in a collection
  • ...toggle a Collection or your Favorites for a quick preview in the sidebar
  • ...open your pages in Table View, an easy way to navigate through your content
  • ...fix the sidebar, or hide it and trigger only on hover

Drag 'n' Drop

  • You can now drag any block, even indented ones, to any other point of the editor
  • To do so, hover over any block and click on the burger menu next to it...
  • ...then drag...and drop!

Bonus: Settings, Speed Improvements, Bug Fixing

  • Click on the small chevron next to your Workspace title to enter your Settings...
  • ...where you can edit your Workspace Title, and delete if you don't love it anymore.
  • We made the editor even more responsive, and fixed uncountable small things, so that you can have the best writing experience :) writing is very fast

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