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August 23, 2021

Image Support, Import & Export, Lighting Fast Editor!

📷️ Image Upload

  • Saga is getting colorful, just type /image anywhere in the editor to embed an image
  • You can either embed an image from a URL...
  • or upload one from your local files
  • You can also resize and align the image in the page!

📎 Import & Export to Markdown

  • Saga is open, and you will always be able to archive your work and import your work from other tools.
  • To export a page as a Markdown file, click on the ••• button in the top right corner of your page and then click on Export Page.
  • To import a page, simply drag and drop your text or Markdown files into your space. Alternatively, click on the ⬇️ button next to your space name in the left sidebar and then click on Import Pages.

⚡ Performance Update & Quality of Life

  • Automatic linking now loads instantly in large spaces
  • Improved writing speed in large spaces
  • New code blocks, synced with CodeSandbox
  • Improved numbered lists  
  • Improved drag and drop of nested blocks
  • Improved menu handling when pressing Escape in the editor
  • Improved search for pages that begin with an emoji in their title
  • Content references blocks inside pages now update again in real-time

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