Saga for UX Researchers

Leverage the power of AI to speed up your research and share insights with your team.

Analyze mountains of research and set actionable goals in minutes, not hours.


Have all insights in one place

Record user research, notes, participants, product features, and specifications. Saga makes them all searchable and neatly organized in pages and collections.

Discover insights faster

Saga AI enables you to extract insights from any docs or notes in seconds. You can also use it to summarize any research, rewrite in different tones, translate, correct grammar and spelling, and many more quick edits.

It’s time to clear your mind to create better products.


Have more context for your work

Saga automatically references all the places that your page is mentioned. Quickly see where a feature, requirement or participant has been mentioned across your entire user research repository.

Collaborate in real-time

Saga offers a lightning-fast text editor to interact with your teammates. You can tag them anywhere, create and assign tasks, and edit all pages collaboratively - including with AI.

Start your Saga

Boost your creativity and get more done with AI.