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One Connected Workspace

Saga automates all the dull work that slows you down empowering you to spend less time organizing, and more time doing.

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Knowledge that scales with your team

Stay connected and organized with your team in one place. The more you use Saga together, the easier is to keep everyone on the same page.

Context that evolves

Finding the right information can be tricky. Saga helps you by connecting the dots for you in the background.

Keep using what works

Instead of replacing what's already working, integrate your workflows from Google Drive and other tools as you build new ones in Saga.

Easy and simple to use

Adapt each page to your specific needs — whether that's adding a bulleted list in a meeting note, adding a checklist, or separating your document with headings.
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What makes Saga special?

Saga resurfaces the right information for you when you need it.


Connect knowledge automatically

Save time and discover what’s relevant with autolinking. Saga intelligently recognizes what you are writing and creates cross-references to your knowledge base.


Discover powerful connections

Instantly see where your notes and pages are mentioned, enabling you to discover powerful new connections across your knowledge base.


Find what you need

Search your content in a flash with Saga's lightning-fast search. Access important information without any delays.


Auto-update multiple docs

With Saga’s Live Blocks, it’s easy to keep information always in sync and up to date. Select any block in a page and create a Live Block of it in another page in just a click.

Saga AI

Smart helper within Saga

Boost your creativity and productivity with Saga AI, a clever assistant that answers questions, generates content, and helps you brainstorm ideas—all within Saga.


Blazingly fast

Saga makes working together feel incredibly fast! Open pages, write, and search in an instant. Real-time syncing ensures a quick, smooth experience for everyone.

It’s time to clear your mind and make better decisions.

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Teamwork makes the dream work

Saga automates all the dull work that slows you down, empowering you to spend less time linking, organizing, and searching and more time discovering.


Get more from your existing tools

Use what’s already working for you. Search and even drag & drop from tools like Docs, Gmail, Slack, and more.


Real-time collaboration with your team

Work on documents together, share your work with others, and expand your collective knowledge.


Share with the world

Turn whatever you're working on into a public webpage with a single click.

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