Saga for Documentation

Documentation that simply does more

Break up your knowledge silos with easy to create, link, and share documentation

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Saga helps you organize and connect all your internal, product, and process documentation.

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Do more with your entire team

Ensure your project documents, internal processes, guides, memos, notes and more are organized and searchable.

Automatically connect internal documents

Saga's powerful autolinking all of your documents where they should be without you thinking about it.

Keep documentation always up to date

With live references and autolinking, it’s easy to keep documents always updated.

Easily find what you’re looking for

The combination of autolinking and a powerful search tool means your days of searching for the right document are over.

Go public at the press of a button

Easily turn any your guides, tutorials, references, and more into a public webpage.

Clear your mind
to create better documentation.

Saga automates all the dull work that slows you down, empowering you to spend less time linking, organizing, and searching and more time discovering.

Automatic Linking
Saga links your documents, notes, and definitions automatically.
Search in the Background
Unexpected Discoveries
Discover connections in your documentation you haven’t thought about yet.
Powerful Autocomplete
Work faster and more efficiently with simple shortcuts.
Collections & Sub-Collections
Comprehensive Collections
Combine the organization of folders and the flexibility of tags.
Page Aliases
Define parts of your knowledge base with multiple names at the same time.
Page Properties
Add additional metadata to documents.
Add your tasks and link them directly to your documentation.
Publish your work
Instantly search for references across your whole workspace.
Flexible Editor
Free form blank canvas for your text, images, tasks and embeds.

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