Announcing Saga

Today we are launching Saga in public beta – the effortless way to make sense of your knowledge, docs, and notes at work.

At Saga, we make people more productive and help them focus on the essential parts of their work. We believe that information we read and create daily should be effortless to find.

That is why we decided to build Saga. A document editor that automatically connects information across your knowledge tools in your extended workspace.

How we work with documents

The Internet has made it trivial to discover and use information in seconds. Although, as a society, we moved from typewriters and printers to modern software, the way we manage our personal and team knowledge hasn't improved materially. Our documents are centralized information silos and remain as static as printed paper.

We got frustrated by how our teams struggled to make sense of information during past projects we worked on. Connecting the dots between countless documents, notes, emails, and the ever-growing list of business apps was increasingly laborious, let alone tedious. Instead of doing high-quality work, we felt stuck wasting time in repetitive manual tasks like copying and pasting information from one tool to another. It was always hard to see the big picture.

We thought that modern software should have already automated this.

Soon we realized that our friends and colleagues face the same problems every day – from knowledge workers to people who lead teams and companies to researchers, students, and writers.  

We are building Saga to change that.

Introducing Saga

Saga is a connected knowledge base wrapped into the beauty of a simple and clean document editor. We believe that internal knowledge should always be at our fingertips. It should be easy to retrieve, summarise, expand and share with others.

Documents and notes are where we spend most of our time creating and being productive. With remote working becoming the norm, the need for text that is no longer static but live and interconnected across platforms grows exponentially.

There is no better way to enhance how we work than improving the tools that already store our information. But instead of passively storing it, they could become much more. We asked ourselves how our documents can help us reuse and resurface information when we need it.

Saga is just that. It's made for effortless clarity while reading and writing.

Here are the main ideas behind Saga:

  1. Automatic linking – Saga connects parts of your knowledge automatically, so you can always see the big picture. It creates and suggests smart links to and inside your documents without you thinking about it.
  2. Always on background search – You can view mentions of your notes and pages directly in your documents. Those are helpful when discovering connections and references across your knowledge base that you haven't thought about yet.
  3. Automating repetitive work – Saga makes it easy to reference parts of a document inside another, thus reducing endless copy and paste of content. It helps you save time with autocompleting and summarizing text and suggesting links to other notes and documents.
  4. Integrations with your existing tools – Saga works alongside existing workflows and helps you make sense of your data in the tools you are already using. It's not here to replace what already works for you but to optimize it.

We've been using Saga internally for the past few months to connect all bits and pieces of our knowledge base, such as product documents, user feedback, meeting notes, research memos, and more. After working closely with a group of early adopters, it's time to release this to a broader audience.

What's Next

Today we are announcing Saga's beta release open to the public: a way for you to get early access and help us shape our product roadmap. We are just getting started, so the only cost right now is your feedback.

In the following weeks, we will release features we are really excited about – team collaboration and our first integration. Collaboration features will allow teams to work together and expand their collective knowledge seamlessly. Integrations will enrich your documents in Saga with information that already exists in other tools you are using.

We know this is just the beginning, and we are excited to share our learnings and progress along the way. Thank you for being part of our journey. 

– The Saga team

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