Saga para equipes remotas

Simplifique a comunicação e compartilhe conhecimento com sua equipe. Conecte automaticamente seus wikis, notas e documentos.

Alinhe e colabore com sua equipe remota.


Start remote projects faster

Empower your remote team to start a new project, a list of tasks, or a sprint quickly. Ask Saga AI for a first draft or to rewrite, translate, answer questions, etc.

Ensure everyone is in the loop

Stay transparent and keep your team always updated. Saga helps you do that through @-mentions, tasks, and automated notifications.

It’s time to break knowledge silos and work better together.


A single source of truth

Using a single place to connect important information means fewer emails, easier onboarding, and better communication.

Keep docs easily updated

Say goodbye to information silos and knowledge that nobody updates. Simple editing tools and powerful features like autolinking and live blocks help you keep your knowledge base tidy.

Have fewer meetings

Written knowledge and asynchronous communication allows your team to focus on moving projects faster. More context and up-to-date information means less video calls and more meaningful work.

Inicie sua Saga

Impulsione sua criatividade e realize mais com a IA.