Saga vs Microsoft Word

Which tool is easier to learn, collaborate on, and integrate?

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Compared to Microsoft Word, Saga is…

All in one place

Keep all your docs in one interconnected, searchable place and open them instantly whenever you need them.

Always in the cloud

So you can access your critical files from anywhere.

Not going to get lost in transit

Instead of constantly uploading, updating, and reuploading to Sharepoint, OneDrive, and your email, just send a link and get back to work.

Great for collaboration

It’s 2022, stop working on the wrong file because your team member has sent you 6 different versions.

Easy to integrate

Love Saga but also want to use other tools on occasion? Our integrations make it easy to get the best of everything from Google Docs to Linear and many others coming soon.

Pleasantly simple

Avoid steep learning curves and wasted hours watching tutorials. Saga is simple and intuitive to use with a guide you couldn’t use as a doorstop.

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