Saga para gerentes de produto

Leve seus PRDs, notas de reunião e feedback de usuários para um espaço de trabalho com inteligência artificial para aumentar sua produtividade.

Coloque o produto certo no mercado mais rapidamente com inteligência artificial e colaboração em tempo real.


Connect the dots

Saga automatically references your roadmaps, sprints, user feedback, and feature requirements based on page titles. Adding critical context to your work.

Collaborate in real-time

Everyone across product, engineering, and marketing interacts in real-time, including on AI-generated content. Easy to spot where your teammates are, tag them for thoughts, and assign them any tasks.

Understand user feedback better

Saga AI enables you to extract insights from any document in seconds. You can also quickly summarize user interviews and ask any questions, directly where you're working.

Leverage the power of AI to create better products.


Simplify sprint planning

Easily add and assign tasks within your sprint documents. Your teammates will have direct access to any linked research, user feedback, and product specs - so that everyone is aligned.

Fast-track content creation with AI

Saga AI helps you brainstorm content ideas and can provide you with a first draft in seconds, based on any working document. You can also use it to rewrite or translate any piece, change tone, and correct spelling and grammar.

Inicie sua Saga

Impulsione sua criatividade e realize mais com a IA.