Saga vs Google Docs

Which tool is better for notes, organization, and productivity?

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Compared to Google Docs,
Saga is…

Faster at finding what you need

Finding the right file in Google Drive isn’t as easy as it should be, but Saga searches with real context and lets you easily make advanced queries.

Better at Connecting Knowledge

Beyond simply letting you find what you need, Saga helps you find unexpected connections between your documents to get you inspired and innovating.

Faster and easier to load

Saga enables you to avoid getting overloaded and overwhelmed by tabs. Instead, you can view docs side-by-side or easily switch between them in the side menu.

Google Doc friendly

As much as we love Saga, we understand that there are reasons many people love Google Docs. That’s why we made it easy to use them together to get the best of both.

Not Trying to Do More than It Should

Instead of forcing you to use an unwieldy all-in-one solution, Saga lets you integrate and use your favorite tools instead of trying to replace them all.

Ideal for creating a knowledge base

Manually interlinking Google Docs to create a knowledge base is clunky and time-consuming, but Saga automates the entire process through autolinking.

A major time saver

If you use the same text across multiple docs, Saga lets you update them all at once through live blocks.

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